Vehicle Electricians

Discussion in 'REME' started by wildhaggis, May 14, 2009.

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  1. What has happened to all of the VEs, did they have a choice in which trade to retrain in and how are units coping without them ? do they need to be brought back ?
  2. They're all working in a Vietnamese sweat shop knocking out TRF's and crap belts for the Corps. Did you not see the Corps Instruction???
  3. The ECE's will just do it as usual, since even class 1 VM's just get confused by electrickery and voltage-to-smoke generators. :)
  4. if you can't see it then it's not there!! stupid

    (from heed; much like vm's brains)
  5. if you cant fix it with a hammer you've got an electrical problem?

    20years a VE we stil exsit in the TA
  6. VEs are still there!!!!!!
    Will be gone by 2014 though!!!
  7. Not all VMs are crap at electrickery :D
  8. This electrickery is all a big con its all about smoke.

    When smoke pipes (wires) fail they emit smoke.
    Generators/alternators are just smoke prducing machines.
    Rectifiers just direct the smoke in the right direction.
    Batteries are just smoke storage cells.
    Starter motors are smoke powered motors and need a lot of smoke to turn the engine over hence the larger pipes.
    Bulbs are small pipes that produce light by forcing smoke through the small pipes with friction causing heat/light.
    Electronic components get burnt when to much smoke is put through them.
    Coils convert low pressure smoke into high pressure smoke.
    HT leads are high pressure smoke carrying pipes.
    Spark plugs are full of sparks obviously which gets knocked out of them by high pressure smoke and need changing when all the sparks are knocked out of them.

    Simple really

    For further reading.
  9. VMs dont have time to do any electrical (smoke) jobs.

    The Techs (Soduko masters) however have time as all they do is play Soduko on the Armys eqpt.

    "Its not that box its that box, no its that box, no it isnt its that box"

    Once most boxes have been changed the problem is usually fixed

    You will realise this if you've been at 5RA Wksp