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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by JohnBurt, Apr 21, 2011.

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  1. Ok so my car has just failed it's MOT due to a broken suspension coil this has just cost me £135. I believe that this has been caused due to the amount of pot holes on my camp, yes I know there are pot holes on public roads but my camp is a joke for it. So my question to you is this, will there be any chance to claim this money back?

    Danke Shon
  2. Of course there is!

    I also managed to claim all the money back for my boot polish, and razor blades.
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  3. You'll be lucky Pal...... cough up the Dosh, and pay for your motor to be fixed so you has wheels to get about...
  4. Very unlikely, I'd say - if it was a specific pothole that caused damage at a specific time then you may well be able to claim (I'm doing so for a pothole on a public road at the mo), although I'm not sure how it'd work on MoD ground.

    But with 'believing' it is to do with general potholing will probably not get you anywhere.
  5. I've known a few people that are claiming for damage caused on a public road but like you said I also have no idea how it would work on MoD ground. Also the garage said it's a 90% chance pot holes caused it. Thanks for your reply.
  6. Are the potholes so big you can't drive round them ?
  7. To avoid one you end up going over another one. There are just so many on the road.
  8. Give it a go. The MOD will pass your claim on to its Public Liability insurer. If you have Legal Assistance cover with your car insurance you could try claiming through them.
  9. As said above, there's nothing stopping you trying it - but I wouldn't hold your breath as even if it could be proved 100% that it was pothole damage, working out who's potholes and who's problem it is would be very difficult.
  10. I'd say claim. The MOD estate will have some sort of insurance for incidents like this. If a civvy contractor damaged his work vehicle on the pot hole he would claim, so why can't you.

    You're lucky. Potholes in my access road (on Council land) have cost me £272 in a new spring, a wishbone arm and anti roll bars on all 4 wheels and like you there are so many pot holes on this curved road that avoiding one just pitches you into another. I am awaiting their response to my claim.

    Take a few picture of the pot holes now before the buggers fill them in, Take general shots of the road and the individual holes. Put someting down next to them for scale (I used a an AtoZ, but a rifle or bayonet would look good and send quite a good subliminal message!)
  11. Yes I'm going to give it a shot, thanks for all your advice.
  12. Joe Squaddie: Morning armourer, I'd like to sign out a rifle or a bayonet please.

    Armourer: Why do you need the afore mentioned items, are you on guard, training or deploying on Ops?

    Joe Squaddie: None of the above, I wish to use the rifle or bayonet to get a perspective of scale next to a pothole.

    Armourer: **** right off you lunatic, you'll be telling me next that a never served, obese civilian suggested that as an idea!
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  13. Or you could use a ruler like a normal person.
  14. What's wrong with using a ruler you muppet? Oh yeah, my bad, I forgot that every civvy insurance company knows the length of the SA80 with or without bayonet since they were added to the official weights and measures register.
  15. Fair enough, good luck.