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Vehicle Control Services Limited - Parking Charge Notice

Parking Charge Notification

  • Bin it

    Votes: 24 96.0%
  • Appeal it

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  • pay it (thou I wont)

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Phoned up Rossendales (after hell of a search for a customer inquiry number) had the PCN put on hold, until they provided proof. Guess what I get a picture of the drivers window with PCN stuck to it, same colour and model, but no licence plate or tax-disc in picture, pitch black, with no way of working out where the picture was taken ??


It sounds like ANPR camera system was being used for enforcement purposes. As I understand it, ANPR for this purpose is unlawful as it is insufficiently accurate for enforcement purposes. Of course I could be completely wrong.....
Good example last month we had 3 vehicles at Rownhams om M27 the guys after a couple of swans. A 4 hour job, all vehicles 'chased' by ParkingEye and Rownhams refuse to waive the charge as they were called by Highways Agency and not by the site manager, hence they overstayed their 'parking rights. ' These sort of things not really in my area of experience however as a partner I have laibility should it go so far.

Easy - Most Swans are the property of the Crown - and Highways Agency are a Govt Agency - tell then to send the account to HMQ!! :)
You could probably ask the question on here for starters as a few motoring type lawyers hang around in there a fair bit. Fair to warn you that PH has an even bigger quota of morons than ARRSE, most of them seem to spend their time trying to out-troll each other with wonderfully stupid arguments.

Off topic but imagine if PH had the thumbs up, down etc icons!!! Certain posters on there would be very excited!!!
Got pinged for one of these "speculative invoices" a short while ago, Correct fee paid, no overstay, parked within marked bays. Reason for issue was one digit of the VRN was incorrect as a result of a member of the supermarket's staff hitting the wrong button on the ticket issue machine ( Gives you some idea of how complicated the dratted thing was to either understand or use.). Invoices ignored, no communication or acknowledgement of any type on my behalf. Loads of various official looking letters with headings somewhat similar to those of the Ministry of Justice all of which threatened / informed me that my credit rating would be at risk if payment was not received. Further series of letters from two debt collection agencies, once again wholly ignored.

Bunch of thieving T***s that rely on intimidation and ignorance of the law in order to get a result - so not all that different from the plod really.

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