Vehicle Cam

Hi All,

Has anyone got some INFO on vehicle cam (Landrover/DAF)
What type of cam you should carry.
How many poles, pegs, mushrooms etc
What states of cam there are (Time before moving)
Etc etc.

paveway_3 said:
Well your wagon should have a cam kit CES.It takes a good crew only a few minutes to ''cam up'' as long as no one is being ''jack''
Hi Paveway3,

Thanks for the quick reply.

I dont have access to them till the end of next week (shift work ARRSE)
But they dont have states of cam and all the PAM's i have looked at don't have Vehicle cam in them?

Thanks again
Basically its all called notice to move NTM.Work on if its less than 10NTM then cam is down . You also have Thermal cam as well however on a ''B'' vehical it will not take long to put up/down. Anything more than 10mins NTM full cam up .Thats what we work on in Recce.
Thanks again Paveway.

But does someone know where i could get the INFO from have looked and looked around the net but no INFO found.
There mast be a manual out there somewhere?


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