vehicle anti-ambush drills for journalists

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by warcorro, Sep 30, 2005.

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  1. Recently was told to start thinking about develping training for vehicle anti anbush drills for either two mil vehicles with journalists on board, or two military vehicles with one or two press vehicles in the middle of the convoy? Obviously hey are not armed. ( I can already hear you sayng Let 'em die!) Anyone any ideas on where to start with this? CPG types perhaps?
  2. Look, they are volunteering to go into these areas and, when they've been in and p1ssed all the locals off they can just get on any flight they want and go home to the UK and type up nice spectacular and far from accurate stories on how close they were to death and how nasty the soldiers were to the locals. They also get paid a hell of a lot more that the troops do, get put up in hotels or pamperd by stupid subbies in the officers mess if they decide that it'd be safer in a camp and want to 'slum' it.

    There are I'm sure enough walts out there who are taking peoples money to provide the press with little 'keep yourself safe(ish) in Iraq courses, without getting them from soldiers who have to be honest better things to do with their time.

    If they just bothered to travel about in beat up local vehicles with local drivers rather than renting the biggest and newest 4x4 and surrounding themselves with squaddie escorts at the expence of the taxpayer, they wouldn't be such obvious targets and as such, in as much danger. Having army escorts means that the army have to go into areas that they wouldn't normally bother with, which raises the risks.

    Besides, if their big 'Press' signs are so effective, why do they need escorting?
  3. Becasue Iraqi's like the press as much as we do?
  4. If all your vehicles are military, then standard anti-ambush drills apply. Likewise if you have civilian vehicles in your convoy but military drivers for their vehicles. The only problem would be if you have civilian vehicles in your convoy with civilian drivers who are not familiar or trained in anti-ambush drills. In this case they are unlikely to be up to learning a long list of if's and but's and actually have any chance of actually putting them into practice. I would suggest that anyone having to escort a civilian vehicle brief the driver as follows:

    1. In the event of an ambush/contact/IED, put your foot down hard and drive out. Try and stay with your military escort vehicle if it has got out too.

    2. If you hear the crack of gunfire coming near your vehicle, or you see tracer coming near your vehicle, or your vehicle gets hit but is still driveable, put your foot down hard and drive out. Try and stay with your military escort vehicle if it has got out too.

    3. If your vehicle is hit and you are injured, put your foot down hard and try to drive out. Shout for someone else to grab the wheel. Try and stay with your military escort vehicle if it has got out too.

    4. If you sucessfully manage to drive out of an ambush/contact/IED, try and stay with your military escort. If you lose them/they don't get out of the ambush, get back to a friendly location as quickly as possible. Don't rush up to the guard post/nearest military convoy in case you are mistaken for unfriendlies. Approach slowly and make sure they know you are neutrals. Tell them everything that has happened.

    5. If your vehicle is fcuked in an ambush/contact/IED, get the fcuk out and get away from the vehicle and into cover as quickly as possible. STAY LOW, MOVE FAST. Your military escort will try to protect you and direct you what to do. If they can't/don't survive, get away as quickly as possible and make your way back on foot to the nearest friendly location/military unit. Try to avoid contact with locals.

    6. Whatever happens do not go towards the people shooting at you. If this means you have to turn around to drive out, do so if you can. If you have to escape on foot, stay low and out of sight. Use drainage ditches, irrigation channels, walls or anything else to stay out of sight. STAY LOW, MOVE FAST, and don't stop for any reason until you are at least 1km away from the bad place.

    If you are escorting a civilian vehicle, put them in the middle of your convoy. Don't stop in the immediate KA, even if their vehicle does. Get clear and then go into counter-ambush drills. Move fast and remember that the best thing you can do to help them is rout the enemy. Only once you have begun to clear/rout the enemy away from the ambush site should you consider going back into the KA to sort out your separated convoy members.

    Any help?
  5. I think that some of the journos, especially the ones that are from local papers doing local boys stories (as opposed to the hardcore "big-hitters" like John Simpson who have probably seen more conflict than most soldiers) are so nervous and feel out of their depth that they don't want to go through a whole load of anti-ambush drills and try and remember them. Remember that we practise them and they are second nature to us, but that comes through a fair bit of training and rehearsal. All I have told journos that I've had in my wagons is to get their heads down if they hear shooting, and if the vehicle comes under attack then do what the blokes do. If they stay in, stay in. If they get out, then get out, find a hole, lie down, get lower, and we'll come and get you before we go.

    JMHO, of course.
  6. Bits, very helpful. Thankyou.
  7. if there from the mirror or Robert risk tell them to get out and walk slowly towards the biggest gun they can see :twisted:
  8. Brilliant. A few quick tips and a jorno says what sounds like 'Thanks for the course. Now I'm sorted.'

    No you are not. You have been given a bit of quick advice. There's a lot more to it than that and the best advice you can ever have is listen to the convoy commander when he briefs yoou and do exactly what he says. That may be the advice Bits gave, but may also be completely different depending on local circumstances. What he doesn't need is some idiot turning up and not paying attention because you think you know what you are doing.

    Anti-Ambush drills need training and practice to carry out correctly. Drills in an ambush can change depending on exactly what is encountered and what the ground is like.

    "Bits, very helpful. Thankyou." may be a polite answer, but the correct answer would have been "Bits, very helpful. Thankyou, but I'll listen to my briefing and take it from there".
  9. P_P: Easy mate! Warcorro does wear green for a living!

    Warcorro: P_P is right, however. That would be my default brief, but it would obviously be tailored to the situation. A professional CP team would be the best people to ask, as that is what they do for a living. Have you thought of posting this or a link to this on the AGC thread? RMP do a nice line in CP!
  10. I may have dived in there a little fast. But the thread is pointed at jernos in convoys and the name warcorro is much too close for war corrospondent to be accidental.

    That said, I stand by what I say though. Either learn the drills and practice them so you are responsible for your own safety, or, if you are going to ask for army protection, do exactly what you are told. No need to read up and say you know what you are doing unless you have done the course and had a lot of practice.
  11. Would the idea of mounting a claymore full of pork balls on to the front of the lead vehicle not be a goer, or returning fire with hollowpoints, cunningly filled with Mr Porkies.

    Just say that youre from the mirror, they'll embrace you as being on their side anyway.