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I am getting the sense that I am not the only one that has noticed that the standard of Vegitus' Avatars has been declining in recent weeks. That suggestive look of Angelina, licking her lips brightened up many a dull moment in the office and I'm sure shares in Kleenex did rather well while that was in use.

Now to be honest, I didn't have much of a problem (as many did) with Monica Bellucci taking Angelina's place alongside Veg's excellent and well considered musings. She might be getting on a bit and her best days may indeed be behind her, but she is still definitely worth a push around the carpet.

However, I have to take exception to the recent unveiling of Tara Reid as Veg's poster girl. If you want Veg, for the price of a bottle of Tanqueray No.10, a wheelbarrow and a large and robust suitcase, I would be happy to pop down to Hermosa Beach and have Miss Reid delivered to your doorstep in time for Christmas. I see the young lady in question there most weekends and it would require only mimimal effort to peel her off the sidewalk ('scuse me, PAVEMENT) for you.

Absolut Minger.


There is nothing wrong with Tara Reid, we share the same birthday (well, she's a couple of years older) and that means we are meant for each other, at least we will be once her b@stard security let me get anywhere near her - it's not like I knew that was here bedroom ffs!

There's nothing wrong with her that a pair of yellow ammo boxes filled with sand (along with a holiday at Oakhampton camp) won't sort out.
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