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The conflict in Iraq has been presented in the media as a purely human catastrophe. Other animals have been largely ignored. There is no reason to remain silent in the face of the interlinked abuses of all animals - including humans. Until we get rid of cruelty - all cruelty - we will never end animal abuse. We need to stop being abusers, full stop - not just pick and choose our victims. If the world was vegan and we still waged wars we would not have won our cause. The risk we run is that our circle of cruelty rather than compassion will continue to spread and destroy the world that all creatures inhabit.
This is pure comedy!


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What a great site! I particularly like 'Samosas for Social Change' :)

Truly, the Internet is a wonderful thing. How else would these nutcases (if that's not an insult to nuts, legumes, seeds and other plant generative products) get to talk to each other?

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