Vegetarians please look away now

Discussion in 'Cookery' started by Tsav, May 2, 2012.

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  1. Just wanted to share with you an absolute bargain I found today in Tesco.

    I do not work for them in any way shape or form I just appreciate a decent chunk of meat as much as the next red blooded man.

    They are currently selling for the rock bottom price of £1.79 4 quarter pound Aberdeen Angus burgers with 99.3% beef salt and pepper and that is it. They are way less than half the price if the equivalent Tesco Aberdeen Angus and cheaper than nonsense Ross burgers at 60 odd percent beef.

    I don’t know how long it will last as they seem too good to be true. I currently have 8 boxes in my freezer.

    They are called country stores Aberdeen Angus quarter pounders.

    I recommend them on a nice salty slice of home made focaccia with rocket and gorgonzola.

    I fully expect that when you taste these burgers you will buy shed loads and cows will become extinct.
  2. my wife goes to tescos etc, i wait in the car smoking fags and listen to music ! If im feeling extra helpful i might give her the change for the trolley, or perhaps press the button to open the boot , so she can load the shopping.

    I might go in if Bree Olsen was launching a book naked , other than that shopping and any related topics is for metrosexuals (Im being polite)

    Or maybe your a bored housewife,,send picture !

    Boring ,, i have to go and stab myself in eyes now ! toodle pip
  3. Vegetarian hermer.
  4. I send my wife out to work while I’m sat here on leave and after 2hours at the gym then a wife approved happy ending massage I popped in to buy the meat she will be cooking me while working up her jaw for my Wednesday night blow job while I play battlefield 3 . Waking up this morning I check the time on the Omega she bought me as an early birthday present and see its time for my customary morning cup of tea and bacon sandwich and yet another blow job. She nips of to work and leaves me some of her spare cash to buy myself a “nice steak”. I then read your comment wasted youth!

    For shame, what self-respecting man would send a woman, all of which think cows are cute, to go and buy your meat?
  5. Good God man,buy the beef and make the burger!
  6. Poor people shop in Tesco and the store employees are from council estates.