Vegas for Hatton Fight

Discussion in 'Travel' started by Mattybouy, Sep 18, 2007.

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  1. Can anyone help me?

    I am looking at going to Vegas on a short 4-5 day break in Dec with the wife and it just happens that Ricky Hatton is fighting at the time i want to go and its being shown on a large screen, so i'm looking at cheap flights n accom.

    If someone could give me some links to cheap tour operators that would be great.
  2. Try this in Google "Cheap flights to Las Vegas" then you can fill in the data we don't know.
    It will change on an almost daily basis dependant on date/time of travel.
  3. Is your wife fit?? Let me know the dates, and I'll take her over ;)
  4. Yea she is but she dont know my plans yet.....LOL

    She wants a holiday so i'm going to give her a holiday.....and a fight to watch, if you want ot take her take her to LA, she luvs it thereand i can go to Vegas on my own.....LOL
  5. Happy days. Please post photos of said wife in various compromising positions "just to be sure" ;)
  6. Hey she dont come cheap, u wont want to take her away as it'll cost u a fortune.....
  7. I'll give her a quick seeing to, bung her $50 to spend on whatever she likes, then join you for the fight in Vegas :)
  8. You'll get nothing 'cheap' now mate. I booked up months ago and cost us £2,400 for 4 of us. If you dont like boxing I wouldnt bother. At least 15,000 Brits are flying out :D
  9. Got to agree with the above, my mates just paid over £3000 to get to Vegas, and that was cheap!!

    However what id do is fly to somewhere near and get a coach or hire a car, but stay in a motel, hotels are chokka.