vegas at xmas

Discussion in 'Travel' started by exnorthener, Nov 4, 2009.

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  1. maybe the wrong place to ask! but

    i have just booked flights to Las Vegas for 10 days over Xmas!! has anyone got anytips on what to do where to go ect ???

    best regards
  2. goto Las Vegas Boulevard and take a lot if money, the LV gun club is also well worth a visit but once again take a lot of money
  3. cheers i shall check it out!!!

    will it be online ??
  4. In LV everything is on line, have a great time, if you have not been there before it will be a bit of a culture shock, as it is as plastic and false as f*** but great fun ps dont take your other half

    do a search as we did this some time ago,and there is loads of info there
  5. well erm, thats why i am going! she is a local!!
  6. You dirty,dirty boy, what do you need info for, FFS I hate you I am stuck in Cardiff for xmas
  7. i want to know what my options are when i get there!!!!

    maybe she like to do diff things to me !!!! (and i get the clean version)
  8. Its like adult Disneyworld crossed with Hamburg only worse
  9. Visit the casino at the Bellagio. Not necessarily to gamble, but just to letch at the waitresses - IMHO they are the fittest on the Strip. Swimming pool at the Bellagio is also worth a visit, styled like an Italian garden.
    If you're a bit gun-fcuked, go to the Gun Store (details on the web). There you can fire just about any small-arm you care to name for a small or large fee; fired a Thompson SMG & Colt .45 automatic on their range a few years ago.
    For trips out, take the chopper tour to the Hoover Dam, Lake Mead & the Grand Canyon. Seeing these from the air is incredible.
    For shopping, try the Venetian & Caesar's Palace malls. Yes I know it's all fake, but it's a bloody realistic fake, especially the replica of Venice.
    Vegas=Disneyland for adults. Make sure you take your flexible friend!
  10. Never been there for Xmas, but you can bet it will as Kitch as f***,so awfull and plastic, with everyone saying "Happy holiday" it will be amazing, I should think Freemont street will be so crappy with laser snow and flying santas it will begger belief, the whole place is crap normaly and at Xmas I bet it out does itself, for an adult Xmas holiday it will be wonderfull
  11. i am lookign foward to it! shall be splitting the time from in town and on the ranch
  12. Ranch? like an actual one? now i am jealous I want to be on a ranch at xmas!
  13. i know its sounds so good! but then again i could be getting stitched up!!! never to be seen again
  14. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Mix Bar on he 64th floor of the Manadalay Bay

    Have ONE drink, then do one. It aint cheap, but ordering a vodka Martini, shaken not stirred, then watching the big jets coming in to land under you, through the floor-to-ceiling glass windows is a blast.

    Go to the khazi, which is all marble and glass. Perfect for doing a line of Ching and discussing the current economic crisis with a Senator.

    Then check out how Vegas works.

    They dont care how much you spend. So you can sit on a 50 cent Texas Hold-Em table all night. Lose $10 and they will comp you free Jack 'n Coke.
  15. Will be there also at Christmas, I tend to keep a bit away from all the main casinos and wander off into smaller ones ie Station/Ellis island etc. They are a bit rougher but I like them better, also will be at bars such as hogs and heifers, double down saloon or other smaller bars but depends on what you into.