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VEDay75, £7.50 For 75 Years Of Freedom

I am proud to be a serving member of the British Armed forces and have been deployed all over the world in the service of my country. Every year I raise money for charities associated to the military and this year is no different. This year I will be asking you to donate £7.50 to mark the 75 years of freedom we have had since VE Day on the 8th May 1945 with the aspiration to raise a minimum of £7,500 for SSAFA and the Royal British Legion. I will be marking the occasion in my own way by running 7.5 miles on Friday 8th May 2020 as a sign or respect and would ask that you donate and commemorate in your own way.

Unfortunately these fundraisers do not fill themselves so I am pleading with you, if you serve, have ever served, work for or with the MOD, know anyone that does or just respect what our soldiers did for us 75 years ago and do for us now please donate and share. Please donate a minimum of £7.50 to help me reach my target and please share this fundraiser on all of your Social Media to your friends and family. The more shares we get the more money we can raise for charity, I cannot emphasise this enough.

During WW2 Britain saw circa 400,000 military personnel die in action with countless more injured. To this day military charities have raised vital funds needed to support those that serve, have served and their families. Without the generous contributions from people like you these charities would be unable to support our heroes in their time of need. During these unprecedented times of quarantine and isolation charities are not receiving the same level of donations that they rely on heavily to provide support to those in need. Please help to alleviate this as much as you can. Many thanks in advance from me, SSAFA, The Royal British Legion and those that you will be helping.

#VEDay75 donate on Go Fund Me
Nice idea, will donate and share buddy, good luck with hitting your target.

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