Vechicle Mechanic.

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by mattsmini, Nov 19, 2007.

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  1. Going for my interview on wednesday, Just want to check that Phase 2 training is 20 weeks + 9 weeks driver training, Just to confirm as the job breifs seems to be a little out of date.
  2. Hey i'm in for a Vehicle Mechanic, and on my interveiw I said 20 weeks Training and 9 weeks driver training... Dident get corrected so it cirtainly is :)

    Just think about if you want to do VM(A) or VM(B) as I did get asked on what the different course would include for each one. I chose VM(A) so I just mentioned that I would be doing additional training on Heavy tracked Vehicles and Challenger. Good luck in your interview!
  3. When doing the Recruiter interviews I used to get my applicants to expand a bit more on their job briefs when they got down to ADSC as the more you talk the less questions you will be asked at the end by th PSO.
    As per your job briefs say your going to SEME School of Elctrical and Mechanical Engineering at Bordon, Hants for 20 weeks vehicle mechanics. Add the following
    Say the course consists of Academics (science, maths and materials) petrol and diesel engine Technology, FIP and fuel components, Transmissions (gearbox and steering), Electrics and then onto heavy B fuel tanker vehicles or tracked vehicles if an A mech. Also say that you could either be posted to a 2nd Line Workshop to give support to smaller REME units or major repairs or to 1st Line LADs (Light Aid Detachments) to support units or Regiments. Good luck on your interviews just know your three job briefs inside out and for basi and trade training remember to say where your going, how long you'll be there an what you will be doing at each phase.

    What ever you say dont say B mechs are a bunch of girly pansies who couldnt kick a skin off a rice pudding. :wink:
  4. Whatever happened to honesty? :)