VE/VT Trade?

Discussion in 'REME' started by harris921, Jul 5, 2009.

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  1. A friend of mine in the TA reckons he's heard a rumour that VE'S will be back by 2010 or the army will introduce a VT, Vehicle Tech. The VT will be alot like a civvy master tech/senior tech in the sense he will diagnose mechanical and electrical faults and then if its just a case of fitting a new component he will pass the job down the pecking order to a fitter/VM.

    The VT will be an auto electrician/diagnostician.

    Could any REME guys in the know confirm this?
  2. I thought the TA still have VE's ?
  3. I'd say that was a yes, that's the role I'm in at the moment!
  4. I mean VE'S will be back in the regs again.
  5. wouldnt listen to this rumour as it sounds like a load of siht.
  6. Been out for a while but this sounds like a load of bollix. Even the whole focus in civvt street is towards engineers at whatever grade taking ownership of the problem. In REME it would boil down to "change every black box until it is fixed".
  7. No need to bring back VEs. At the moment technicians are under utilised and as such they are doing the role. In the future you will probably see techs getting trained on electrics as well as electronics to cover both bases.
  8. I'm sure we did electrics on BE when I went through back in '89. The old '85 syllabus used some vehicle electrics for fault finding practice IIRC. So is this a case of the requirement for new courses to 'step back' to the old standards ?
  9. No mate not really. What its probably going to do is teach guys system electrics so that they will have an appreciation of the platforms that they are expected to be working on. However, at the moment SEAE are looking to buy in some "red ferrari" type training aids to re-establish some pertinent training.
  10. That's the point I was making :) The old training aids weren't so sophisticated, but were still used for teaching electrics to electronics students early in the course. Meaning that if they couldn't handle digital principals, CPU's etc. they could revert to a more practical trade.

    (I am not trying to be rude, but some guys are just more suited to practical skills. There were lads on my course that didn't make it through to avionic training and stayed as land sys techs, and 2 that didn't even stay as techs. They were clever enough, just not suited to the trade.)
  11. I guess I didnt explain fully but the guys and girls still do some electrics in BE now. They do it in the Land systems compound after about 4 months and then at the end of their basic land systems course or during their avionics.
    I meant to highlight that those old standards are still adhered to there whereas the new thinking is to go above and beyond that to fulfill the full requirements of the field force.
  12. Ahh, so loading more equipments on already maxed out techs.
  13. But the point is at the moment the techs aren't maxed out. We only have a handful of CR2 and AS90 deployed and the lads in those units are massively underemployed with regards to their trade.
  14. I did my BE in '97, when we still got taught electrics. Any tech should be capable of picking up an AESP and following to destructions, accompanied with a little trade skill / common sense and be able to solve most faults. Half our job (tech trades that is) is being able to apply our noggin and read the relevant books.

    Most of the tech training isn't geared towards eqpt, but towards thinking like a tech and applying logic to problems. Therefore, taking over where VEs left off shouldn't be a problem

    ps - please no one search my last posts and let me know how much I'm contradicting myself!!!!