VE/ VJ Celebrations

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Rhino_Stopper, Jul 8, 2005.

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  1. I take it that everyone is going to try and support the veterans this weekend - particularly Sunday ?
  2. Am I the only one who, as the poppies fell from the Lancaster, shouted at the BBC
    "Shut the fcuk up!"
    Huw Edwards earlier on said there would be a moment of silence as this happened.
    The prattle about the design of a spitfire ruined an act of rememberance.

  3. Why is it important - and what gaps is it filling then?
    (please everybody, allow LS to answer first before you hit me with all the reasons why etc... give me the merit of knowing why - I just want this troll to give some substance to its post for once)
  4. tiffy this is not my post to give you answers .
    i have my own reasons for saying what i have .
    please stop calling me abusive names
  5. "gaps in previous years"????

    Whay about Remembrance Sunday every year?

    I have spent the day in St James Park and the veterans had a good time- but they are humble enough to know anyone would do what they did - not to diminish their contribution they fought for freeom as we do. We owe it to them to mark what they did of course - but they do not expect it - they did their duty.
  6. Wonderful to see the veterans able to enjoy the day and for the country to be able to thank them before they all leave us....
    Did wonder about the Actor/ Look a like dressed as Churchill reciting the famous speaches, could they not have played the original recordings of the man himself.... not being a spoil sport but you cant re create the great man with a suitably balding actor and an out fit

    May be with in reason they can have another event like this next year... the veterans are not going to be arround for ever, so all the more reason to offer a celebration/ commemoration event for them in the summer, as well of course as Rememberance Sunday in November
  7. yeah i think that wasnt so good

    good to see the country remembering
  8. If you’re not prepared to explain what you say, why do you bother speaking at all.
    I’m not saying that to be nasty, I’m just asking the question.

    I’d also like to know what “gaps” your talking about.
  9. The actor doing the Churchill thing on this occasion was Robert Hardy who, apart from having played Winston at previous events (and major TV drama/docs) is a bit of a history buff - particularly on Long Bow. He was even brought in at avery early stage when such weapons were brought up from the Mary Rose.

    As for recordings of the man himself - proceedings in the house weren't recorded or broadcast. Anything that went out on the radio was recorded in a studio, and not always by the man himself, but Norman Shelley. Churchill had better things to do.

    So, in a way, having an actor doing Churchill was very authentic, as the speeches heard were spoken an actor.

    Worst moments were some useless singer who tried (badly) to do Gracie Fields. An almost impossible task Iknow, but she was dreadful, drifting in and out of tune throughout. If she sounded like that at rehearsals she ought to have been binned. And then I discovered that this was the much-vaunted Jane 'Little Voice' Horrocks - Little Talent more like.

    And the parade down the Mall - RM band in the centre (rather than Senior Service on the right under the trees), Q.Div D/Major drifting out almost beyond his last man (rather than hidden by trees). All the appearance of "look mum, we're on TV".

    Great to see the swarm of Vets though - shame the commentators couldn't let us hear what was happening.
  10. Would have loved to have been there but found myself on duty "Ooop North" running an indoor range on a competition day.

    We had a visit from some extremely elderly gentlemen of the Welsh Guards Association. They were mad keen for a shot and we decided to oblige.

    One of them wheezingly lowered himself onto the firing point, picked up a No 8, peered into the distance and promptly shot a half inch group with an unfamiliar rifle and it being his first time on a rifle range in nearly 40 years! He said "Just like my No 4 sniper rifle really then"

    Vetrans - they never stop being soldiers God bless em! All of them gave so much when called upon.
  11. Brought a teer to many a gless e.

    Well done to all.

  12. Awesome - hope someone bought him a pint!

    Unfortunately couldn't make ith there in person on Sunday, but spent most of Saturday at the events on the Mall - Superb. The Living Museum was spot on I thought.

    Watched the events on the TV from Chez Foz on Sunday. Was I the only one who had a lump in his throat at the procedings? - I bet not.

    Thought the poppy drop was the icing on the cake - and appreciated "The Boss" giving her own two fingered salute to the terrorists by proceeding down the Mall, standing in the back of an open topped Landie.

    Nicely done, Ma'am
  13. Agreed mate. She got the third loudest cheer of the day for that. Second loudest cheer was reserved for the veterans, marching proudly up the Mall carrying their standards. Then 2 or 3 minutes behind the main party, there was one old veteran carrying a standard on his own. He obviously hadn't been able to keep up with the others, but he just kept plodding up the south side of the Mall in the shade of the trees. He got the biggest cheer of the lot, and damn right too.

    I thought Robert Hardy did a top job, but Jane Horrocks????

    What made the day for me was that at 9pm there were still old boys and girls wandering around town in blazers and medals, and all this three days after terrorist bombings. We (and the Americans) have much to learn from these old men and women.
  14. A lovely day for it, watched from the Admiralty end on the sunday.

    A small point-ette. When the Lanc did its thing did anyone else notice it was higher and faster than the previous time? Consequently it seemed to me the poppies all scattered over..erm.. Clapham. And well spread out and all. Historically accurate, anyway.

    Imagine my astonishment when the tv pics showed Liz and fambly apparently drowning in them. Hasty CGI skills, or someone above the balcony with armfulls of the things? Possibly the bloke who usually wields the paintbrush, running ahead of her....