VE trade killed of

Discussion in 'REME' started by dismayed_ve, Oct 18, 2005.

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  1. what is left for ve trade now, have we all be tasked with out of trade dead end jobs, all trade related cse finishing and no promotion prospects, mcm div slagging you off for askng questions about your career. 1 out of 17 sgt promoted to ssgt this year. if i had my time again i like te other 46% of REME would be out before my 12 year point. is the role of REME coming to an end with kit like feps which is not owned by the mod just hired.
  2. A lot of VE's have been assessed and re-trained/re-traded into other CEG's.

    But judging by the quality of your post, you quite obviously got shown the finger.

    I look forward to meeting you in your next CEG. Mine is a Big Mac and 9 nuggets please.
  3. and most of them have got out as a result, who wants to go back to bordon to retrade??
  4. As an interesting (or not) aside, the TA are keeping VE trades. Something about the VMs not having the time to learn the VE trade aswell.

    How long will it be before the Regs get VEs back?
  5. Or how long before the reg VEs see the light and join the TA :D
  6. The TA are welcome to them.

    (going on the recent posts of bitter VE's not selected for VM training)

    Face it, if you were any good you would have been approached/selected for Tiffy training! (IMHO)
  7. well we all know about tiffys, cant even look after their own weapon
  8. LoL good one!

    But why should they when they employ failed VE's to lose things for them? :lol:
  9. ye but the failed ve aint going to get bust for it
  10. VM's do electrics and quite a lot of it on basic and class 1, most A mechs do hull electrics on armour hence no VE's in Sabre Sqn ftr sects (all should but not all capable or willing to do it). im not saying that VE's are not employable, far from it, and i dare say i would not want to do some of the burnt out looms on B vehs that they deal with.

    But saying that, VM's could do it, its just a case of getting them to do it and teaching them it's not black magic!
  11. Our good friend dismayed_ve is making me giggle, for all the wrong reasons.

    Now I am no genius, but it is fairly obvious from his posts that he as either failed any sort of assessment for an alternative trade, or (more likely) wasn't even asked to come for assessment in the first place. He now spends his days moaning about the demise of his trade, aware that others like him are now going on to better things while he is left to stagnate. I know several VE's who, instead of bleating on like our lad here, weren't afraid to take the plunge back into the training environment. Not all are now VM's either, some have become techs and I know of some who are now Tech Storemen. So it isn't all bad news.

    But it is bad news all round if all you are prepared to do is cry and moan. Its happpened. Accept it, nothing you can do about it, its way over your head. Move on.

    Or, if you feel that hard done by (or you are really that incompetent that no other trade will have you), well you know where the door is.

    Don't let it hit your arrse on the way out.


    Rant over!
  12. if i was given the chance to retrade i might have taken it, like so many others who have done over 12 years we were not considered for it, and are now just left to do jobs that the RS trade have vacated in their rerole to tech stmn. an if someone offered me the chance to retrade i would go tech stmn as it is the fastest trade for promotion in the reme at the moment you only have to do 2 years as a cpl to get your sgt and you dont even have to do any work for that.
  13. It will only be a matter of time before the Tech Storepersons role is given over to the Really Large Corps.

    Its part of the masterplan to rid the world of RS/RD Feckwits and Electricians.

    Easy bustards! :lol:
  14. Dismayed_Ve, I take it that last line was a dig at me, if only you weren't continiously overgraded then you may be able to transfer to Tech Stmn. :lol:
  15. just saying there is such a short fall in stmn at the moment that i would go that way for for the prom, i bet you will pick you ssgt up afte nex posting,
    it is the way forward