This is an offshoot from some discussions on the medical notes thread.

I was at a local clay shooting ground this week. The instructor there was telling me that he was waiting over 3 months now for a "one on one off" shotgun variation for his FAC (NI rules).
I then grumbled that I was told don't expect anything for 6months because this is your first rifle mate (shooting 20 years). Meanwhile the RFD is lying out the money on his stock until this all gets processed.

Why did it take 3 mins at a vehicle check point to get cleared in the 1980's (i.e. not a terrorist, no previous violent, no convictions, no dodgy associates) using a simple radio call to the authorities but now it takes 3-6 months to process a renewal or variation.

Just curious if that is a sensible question, not having a rant. Sensible responses appreciated.
Many Police forces do not see it as their duty to provide administrative processing within a reasonable timeframe (one area they clearly do not have to meet targets!), and some Police forces appear to view FAC processing as a legitimate method of restricting and discouraging firearms ownership.

On the other hand, some Police forces have a more "old fashioned" view and are able to turn around FAC variations in as little as 24 hrs.....
Thanks 4(T).

My understanding is that in NI this is mostly handled by PSNI civilian staff, actual Police are absent from the majority of the process. I was just wondering if the checks were legitimately more rigourous than looking up the info already on the police national computer?

If they can be turned around overnight as a matter of course in some constabularies then I imagine that could happen in all of them within a week. Sound reasonable?


Its 99% civ in Sussex too although the amount of ex yellow perils and retired plod means it makes little difference. I have waited 6 months for a renewal once yet assisted in condition changes overnight!
It's the fat retired CID chods who are the problem. If they spent less time stuffing their fat cake holes with chocolate biscuits and imparting their second hand 'knowledge' to poor gullible applicants the world would be a happier place. Pandering to an inadequate's need to still be respected for a job he stopped doing 5 years ago reduces these obese dullards to 2-3 home visits a day. I shit 'em

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