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VC winners with unusual names.

It seems that a large number of VC winners had unusual Christian names. I’ve tried to only include Commonwealth troops fighting with British units and British troops fighting with Commonwealth units but feel free to point out any I’ve missed. Based on these criteria the figure is over 25%.

Perhaps any aspiring hero should take a trip down to the deed-poll office!

John Simpson Knox Rif Bde Alma 1854
Henry Hugh Manvers Percy Gren Gds Inkerman 1854
Gerald Littlehales Goodlake Coldm Gds Inkerman 1854
Collingwood Dickson RA Crimea 1854
William Nathan Wrighte Hewitt RN Crimea 1854
Wilbraham Oates Lennox RE Crimea 1854
Edward William Derrington Bell 23rd foot Crimea 1854
William James Montgomery Cunninghame Rifle Bde Crimea 1854
Alexander Roberts Dunne 11th Hussars Crimea 1854
Ambrose Madden 41st foot Crimea 1854
Gronow Davis RA Crimea 1855
George Fiott Day RN Crimea 1855
Thomas deCourcy Hamilton 68th foot Sevastopol 1855
Thomas Egerton Hale 7th foot Sevastopol 1855
Frederick Cockayne Elton 55th foot Sevastopol 1855
Howard Crauford Elphinstone RE Sevastopol 1855
Hugh Talbot Burgoyne RN Azov 1855
George Dare Dowell RMA Finland 1855
Alfred Stowell Jones 9th Lancers India 1857
Francis Cornwallis Maude RA India 1857
Alfred Kirke Ffrench 53rd foot India 1857
Ross Lowis Mangles Civ Service India 1857
Francis David Millett Brown Bengal Fus India 1857
Nowell Salmon RN India 1857
Henry George Gore Brown 32nd foot India 1857
Anthony Dickson Home 90th LI India 1857
Harry North Dalrymple Prendergast Madras Eng India 1857
Andrew Cathcart Bogle 78th Hldrs India 1857
Robert Hope Moncreiff Aitken 13th Bengals India 1857
William George Drummond Stewart 93rd Hldrs India 1857
Valentine Munbee McMaster 78th Hldrs India 1857
Hastings Edward Harrington Bengal Arty India 1857
Everard Aloysius Lisle Phillipps 11th Bengals India 1857
Robert Haydon Shebbeare 60th Bengals India 1857
Joseph Petrus Hendrick Crowe 78th Hldrs India 1857
Edward Talbot Thackery Bengal Eng India 1857
Harry Hammon Lyster 72nd Bengals India 1858
Charles Crauford Fraser 7th Hussars India 1858
Aylmer Spicer Cameron 78th Hldrs India 1858
Dighton MacNaughton Probyn Punjab Cav India 1858
Frederick Sleigh Roberts Bengal Arty India 1858
Thomas Adair Butler Bengal Fus India 1858
Reginald Harte Keatinge Bombay Arty India 1858
William George Hawtry Bankes 7th Hussars India 1858
Hanson Chambers Taylor Jarrett 20th Punjabs India 1858
Same Shaw Rif Bde India 1858
Herbert Mackworth Clogstoun 2nd Cav India 1859
Robert Montressor Rogers 44th foot China 1860
John Leishman McDougal 44th Foot China 1860
John Worthy Chaplin 67th foot China 1860
Nathaniel Godolphin Burslem 67th foot China 1860
John Thornton Down 57th foot N Zealand 1863
Campbell Mellis Douglas 24th foot Andaman Is 1864
John Carstairs McNeill 107th foot N Zealand 1864
William Henry Harrison Seeley RN Japan 1864
William Spottiswoode Trevor Bengal S&M Bhootan 1865
Mark Sever Bell RE Ashanti 1874
Edric Frederick Gifford 24th foot Ashanti 1874
Hans Garrett Moore 88th foot South Africa 1877
Edmund Barron Hartley SA Rifles South Africa 1879
Teignmouth Melville 24th foot Isandlwana 1879
Gonville Bromhead 24th foot Rorke’s Drift 1879
John Rouse Merriott Chard RE Rorke’s Drift 1879
William Wilson Allen 24th foot Rorke’s Drift 1879
James Langley Dalton Com Dept Rorke’s Drift 1879
Redvers Henry Buller KRRC Inhlobane 1879
William Knox Leet 13th foot Inhlobane 1879
Edward Stevenson Browne 24th foot Inhlobane 1879
Leslie de la Poer Beresford 9th Lancers Ulundi 1879
Henry Cecil Dudgeon D’Arcy Cape Lt Horse Ulundi 1879
Richard Kirby Ridgeway 44th Bengals India 1879
Reginald Clare Hart Bengal S&M Afghanistan 1879
Edward Pemberton Leach Bengal S&M Afghanistan 1879
O’Moore Creagh Indian Army Afghanistan 1879
Walter William Pollock Hamilton QO Guides Afghanistan 1879
Thomas Elsdon Ashford R Fus Afghanistan 1880
William St Lucien Chase 28th Bombay Afghanistan 1880
Israel Harding RN Egypt 1882
William Mordaunt Marsh Edwards HLI Egypt 1882
Percival Scrope Marling KRRC Sudan 1884
Arthur Knyvet Wilson RN Sudan 1884
Guy Hudleston Boisragon 5th Gurkhas Hunza 1891
John Manners Smith 5th Gurkhas Hunza 1891
Fenton John Aylmer Bengal S&M Hunza 1891
Owen Edward Pennefather Lloyd AMS Burma 1893
Randolph Cosby Nesbitt SA police Rhodesia 1896
Henry Singleton Pennell Derby Tirah 1897
Robert Bellew Adams QO Guides Tirah 1897
James Colclough Watson Bengal S&M Mohmand 1897
James Morris Colquhon Colvin Bengal S&M Mohmand 1897
Alexander Gore Hore-Ruthven HLI Sudan 1898
William Job Maillard RN Crete 1898
Matthew Fontaine Maury Meiklejohn Gordons Boer War 1899
Ernest Beachcroft Beckwith Towse Gordons Boer War 1899
Harry Norton Schofield RA Boer War 1899
Henry Edward Manning Douglas RAMC Boer War 1899
Hamilton Lyster Reed RA Boer War 1899
Walter Norris Congreve Rif Bde Boer War 1899
Conwen Mansell-Jones W Yorks Boer War 1900
Donald Dickson Farmer Camerons Boer War 1900
William Eagleson Gordon Gordons Boer War 1900
Charles Edward Haydon Parker RHA Boer War 1900
William Henry Snyder Nickerson RAMC Boer War 1900
Brian Turner Tom Lawrence 17th Lancers Boer War 1900
Henry Churchill Beet Derby Boer War 1900
John Peniston Milbanke 10th Hussars Boer War 1900
Francis Aylmer Maxwell Bengal Lancrs Boer War 1900
Lewis Stratford Tollemach Halliday RMLI China 1900
Frederick Brooks Dugdale 5th Lancers Boer War 1901
Llewellyn Alberic Amelius Price-Davis KRRC Boer War 1901
Alexander Stanhope Cobbe KAR Somaliland 1902
Wallace Duffield Wright Queen’s Nigeria 1903
Herbert Augustine Carter Indian Army Somaliland 1903
James Anson Otho Brooke Gordons Belgium 1914
Francis Octavius Grenfell 9th Lancers Belgium 1914
John Franks Vellentin S Staffs Belguim 1914
Henry Howey Robson RS France 1914
Charles Allix Lavington Yate KOYLI France 1914
Edward Kinder Bradbury RHA France 1914
Walter Lorrain Brodie HLI France 1914
Henry Sherwood Ranken RAMC France 1914
Henry Peel Ritchie RN Dar-es-Salaam 1914
John Fitzhardinge Paul Butler KRRC Cameroons 1914
Lanoe George Hawker RE/RFC France 1915
Charles Calveley Foss Bedfords France 1915
Daniel Logan Laidlaw KOSB France 1915
Wilfred Dolby Fuller Gren Gds France 1915
James Lennox Dawson RE France 1915
John Crawshaw Raynes RA France 1915
James Dalgleish Pollock Camerons France 1915
Benjamin Handley Geary E Surrey France 1915
Joseph Harcourt Tombs Kings France 1915
Arthur Forbes Gordon Kilby S Staffs France 1915
Anketell Moutray Read Northampton France 1915
Alexander Buller Turner R Berks France 1915
Angus Falconer Douglas-Hamilton Camerons France 1915
Rupert Price Hallowes Middx Belguim 1915
Sydney Clayton Woodroffe Rif Bde Belgium 1915
Wilfred St Aubyn Malleson RN Gallipoli 1915
George McKenzie Samson RN Gallipoli 1915
Charles Hotham Montagu Doughty-Wylie RWF Gallipoli 1915
Arthue Walderne St Claire Tisdall RNVR Gallipoli 1915
George Raymond Dallas Moore Hamps Gallipoli 1915
Eric Gascoigne Robinson RN Dardanelles 1915
Edward Courtney Boyle RN Dardanelles 1915
George Godfrey Massy Wheeler 7th Ind Cav Mesopotamia 1915
William Taylor Dartnell R Fus Kenya 1915
William Robert Fountains Addison RAChD Mesopotamia 1916
Edgar Kinghorn Myles Welch Mesopotamia 1916
Humphrey Osbaldston Brook Firman RN Mesopotamia 1916
John Travers Cornwall RN Jutland 1916
Loftus William Jones RN Jutland 1916
William Leefe Robinson RFC Hertfordshire 1916
William Barnsley Allen RAMC France 1916
Walter Potter Ritchie Seaforths France 1916
Lionel Wilmot Brabazon Rees RFC France 1916
Roland Boys Bradford DLI France 1916
Nelson Victor Carter R Sussex France 1916
William La Touche Congreve Rif Bde France 1916
Stewart Walker Louden-Shand Yorks France 1916
James Youll Turnbull HLI France 1916
Richard Basil Brandram Jones L N Lancs France 1916
Geoffrey St George Shillington Cather RIR France 1916
Thomas Orde Lauder Wilkinson L N Lancs France 1916
Tom Fletcher Mayson Kings Own Belgium 1917
Thomas Riversdale Colyer-Ferguson Northampton Belgium 1917
John Kendrick Skinner KOSB Belgium 1917
Denis George Wyldbore Hewitt Hamps Belgium 1917
Harold Sandford Mugford MGC France 1917
William Boynton Butler W Yorks France 1917
Thomas Harold Broadbent Maufe RA France 1917
Samuel Thomas Dickson Wallace RA France 1917
John Browne Hamilton HLI France 1917
George Imlach McIntosh Gordons France 1917
Lewis Pugh Evans BW France 1917
Montagu Shadworth Seymour Moore Hamps France 1917
William Avery Bishop RFC France 1917
Neville Bowes Elliott-Cooper R Fus France 1917
Arthur Moore Lascelles DLI France 1917
Hardy Falconer Parsons Glosters France 1917
George Henry Tatham Paton Gren Gds France 1917
William George Burdett Clare 5th Lancers France 1917
Allastair Malcolm Cluny McReady-Diarmid Middx France 1917
Walter Napleton Stone R Fus France 1917
Arthur Drummond Borton London R Palestine 1917
Edward Elers Delaval Henderson N Staffs Mesopotamia 1917
John Manson Craig Scots Fus Egypt 1917
Archibald Bissett Smith RNR Atlantic 1917
Manley Angell James Glosters France 1918
Henry Blanshard Wood Scots Gds France 1918
Frank Crowther Roberts Worcs France 1918
John Brunton Daykins Y&L France 1918
James Bulmer Johnson RNF France 1918
George de Cardonnel Elmsall Findlay RE France 1918
James Palmer Huffam DWR France 1918
John Standish Vereker Gort Coldm Gds France 1918
John Stanhope Collings-Wells Bedfords France 1918
William Allison Wight MGC France 1918
David Ferguson Hunter HLI France 1918
John Cridlan Barrett Leics France 1918
Reginald Frederick Johnson Hayward Wilts France 1918
George St George Grogan Worcs France 1918
Edward Benn Smith Lan Fus France 1918
Richard Annesley West NI Horse France 1918
Andrew Weatherby Beauchamp-Proctor RAF France 1918
David Lowe Macintyre A&SH France 1918
William Davidson Bissett A&SH France 1918
John Crawford Buchan A&SH France 1918
Albert Arnett MacLeod RFC France 1918
Horace Augustus Curtis Dublin Fus France 1918
Julian Royds Gribble Warwicks France 1918
Theodore Bailey Hardy RAChD France 1918
James Thomas Byford McCudden RFC France 1918
Thomas Tannatt Pryce Gren Gds Belgium 1918
Geoffrey Saxton White RN Dardanelles 1918
Geoffrey Heneage Drummond RN Ostend 1918
Alfred Francis Blakeney Carpenter RN Zeebrugge 1918
George Nicholson Bradford RN Zeebrugge 1918
Arthur Leyland Harrison RN Zeebrugge 1918
Augustus Willington Shelton Agar RN Kronstadt 1919
Claude Congreve Dobson RN Kronstadt 1919
Eric James Brindley Nicholson RAF Battle of Britain 1940
Edward Stephen Fogarty Fagen RN HMS Jervis Bay 1940
Richard Wallace Annand DLI Belgium 1940
Jack Foreman Mantle RN Portland 1940
Gerard Broadmead Roope RN Norway 1940
Bernard Armitage Warburton-Lee RN Norway 1940
Charles Twelves Wilson E Surrey Somaililand 1940
Nigel Gray Leakey KAR Abyssinia 1941
Arthur Stewart King Scarfe RAF Malaya 1941
Eugene Kingsmill Esmonde RN Dover Straights1942
Stephen Halden Beattie RN St Nazaire 1942
Peter Scawen Watkinson Roberts RN Crete 1942
Herbert Wallace le Patourel Hamps Tunis 1942
Henry Robert Bowreman Foote RTR Libya 1942
Rawdon Hume Middleton RAF Turin 1942
Anthony Cecil Capel Miers RN Corfu 1942
Frederick Thornton Peters RN Oran 1942
Rupert St Vincent Sherbrooke RN North Cape 1942
John Dering Nettleton RAF Germany 1942
Lorne MacLaine Campbell A&SH Tunisia 1943
John Thompson McKellar Anderson A&SH Tunisia 1943
John Wallace Linton RN Sub Service 1943
Guy Penrose Gibson RAF Dambuster Raid 1943
Stanley Elton Hollis G Howards D Day 1944
David Auldgo Jamieson Norfolks France 1944
Ian Willoughby Bazalgette RAF France 1944
Tasker Watkins Welch France 1944
John Hollington Grayburn Para Arnhem 1944
John Keefer Mahoney Westminsters Italy 1944
John Henry Cound Brunt Sherwoods Italy 1944
Maurice Albert Windham Rogers Wilts Italy 1944
Charles Ferguson Hoey Lincolns Burma 1944
Hanson Victor Turner W Yorks Burma 1944
John Pennington Harman W Kent Kohima 1944
Edward Colquhon Charlton Irish Gds Germany 1945
Thomas Peck Hunter RM Italy 1945
Robert Hampton Gray RN Japan 1945
James Power Carne Glosters Imjin River 1951

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