VC Winner to Get A Headstone

Article in this mornings Scotsman about one of the earliest winners of the VC 137 years ago.

Scotsman Article

Having worked clearing some seriously long overgrowth at Ford Park Cemetery in Plymouth this got me to wondering how many VC winners of the past are laid to rest in similar circumstances :oops:
Good question MM, your challenge, if you are up to it, is to write to the CWGC and find out...
I seem to remember reading that the grave site of Private Hitch VC, who gained recognition at Rourkes Drift, was in a very bad state and overgrown. It came to light that he become a cabbie in london after leaving the Army. This was discoverd by some present day London cabbies who arranged to have his memorial stone repaired and re dedicated.
The CWGC only look after headstones from WW1, WW2 and Korea.
All others are not part of their concern. The British cemetry in Aden is looked after by private individuals with no help from the British Government.
Mad_Moriarty said:
The CWGC administer military plots there, why was this poor chaps grave left in overgrowth?????

The cemetery was bought out by a private invester, once they had either went out of business or bankrupt it came back under the control of Plymouth Council. There are stories behind the reasoning of the CWGC handling of the graves and it is pretty safe to say it wasn't their fault that the graves had fell into a state of poor maintenance.

As our units good will gesture we went down to help them out by spending a week clearing the overgrowth and helping to lay a new path. It's quite humbling to see graves of sailors aged 15 years old. As an aside there was the grave of an "unknown" VC winner, not even his family knew he'd been awarded it apparently, which IIRC 29 Cdo were taking care off as he was an former gunner.

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