VC winner branded a war criminal

VC winner branded a war criminal
By Paul Chapman in Wellington
(Filed: 10/04/2006)

A ruse that helped to win a soldier the Victoria Cross during the Second World War was a "war crime" and New Zealand should apologise to the families of the snipers he killed, it was claimed yesterday.

A very brave resourceful man I would say. You need to have lived through those times to make judgments like that.
Illegal or not, that must have taken some guts to do.


How many lives did he save by doing what he did? Plenty I'll bet. Shame that those calling him a war criminal haven't considered that.

Good on him, a very brave man indeed.
What a pile of muppets is all I can say. He was an incredibly brave man. I doubt that any of the academics would have had the guts to do what he did.
He used his brain to outwit the germans, nothing wrong in that, worst tactics have been used and are still used.
This is a hard one. He did what he thought was appropriate to neutralise the enemy. Despite this, I believe it is in contravention of the geneva convetion to don enemy uniform in order to gain an advantage when attacking them.

Some of the allegations are slightly off the wall though.

"Hulme deserved the VC for his outstanding bravery, but he shouldn't have done what he did in disguising himself."

Other academics have supported the book's claims. Peter Wills, the deputy director of the Centre for Peace Studies at Auckland University, said Sgt Hulme's actions were "unsanctioned murder".
Hardly unsanctioned murder!
What utter tripe :roll:



Kit Reviewer
If these cretins want to push their point of him "killing enemy soldiers while wearing their uniform," he was wearing one item of German eqpt in a sucessful attempt to blend in with his surroundings. Sounds like camouflage to me.

Would he have got away with wearing just his battledress & claiming he was in uniform ?

Holier-than-thou apologists who spout this sort of bollocks, such as "Peter Wills, the deputy director of the Centre for Peace Studies at Auckland University," should try volunteering to put themselves in harm's way before they open their mouths.

Bernie's pit still available ?
a very brave and resourceful man i particularly liked the part after he had shot the leader he joined in looking for who had fired the shot.

You couldn't make that up
If he had been caught then the Germans would have shot him instantly (then again they would have done that anyway).

Going against snipers is always hard. While it was breaking the rules of war, would his detractors have preferred it if he had gone to battle wearing a bright orange leotard? How many lives did he save by his actions? Rather a lot, especially when you consider how capable and deadly the German snipers were and their resultant kill ratios.
Its very easy for academics to make statements without having any idea of the circumstances that surround the incident. As has been said here already, he undoubtadly saved many more lives by taking this action.

What balls the bloke had to do it though!
War criminal? Unlikely. Of course, if he was captured then he would not have rights of POW.

As for the ruse then where have you seen a war without a ruse?

Let's recalд 2 SAS men. They killed Iraqi policeman and didn't wear British uniform. Was it a war crime? No of course.


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I find these apologists repugnant. In a time of war a man no different to millions of other servicemen at the time had the brass balls to go up against 5 enemy snipers at extreme risk to his own life. Had he been caught wearing an enemy smock as a disguise he would have been shot as a spy (I'm sure that I'll be corrected if I'm wrong!!). IMHO taking out these 5 snipers (and the other 28 he reportedly dealt with) probably saved tens, if not hundreds of lives.

When these sad, pathetic people have been in the face of it then maybe, just maybe they might be worth listening to. Otherwise (and I'll be polite here!) - butt out of what you don't, and never will, understand.
A far greater and braver man than the idiots who try to smear his memory. They forget too easily the state the world would be in without men like this who fought and risked everything. I doubt they'd even be able to contemplate writing their books if history had taken another course.....

Someone should don a white lab coat / tweed jacket with leather elbow pabs and creep up behind these academics....... :twisted:
FunkyNewBlood said:
Someone should don a white lab coat / tweed jacket with leather elbow pabs and creep up behind these academics....... :twisted:
somehow it just doesn't seem quite as brave as taking on snipers, I suppose its a start though.
Quotes from the article "awarded the VC for bravery in killing 33 German snipers over eight days during the Battle of Crete in 1941." "that on one occasion Sgt Hulme donned a German paratrooper's smock, climbed up behind a nest of enemy snipers" and "shot the leader first, and as the other four snipers looked around"
So according to the article this bloke had the bravery to do go against snipers for over 8 days and that on just one occasion he resorted to a bit of cunning.
Ok why don't the descendants of the snipers apologise to all the descendants of the men the snipers killed before Sgt Hulme came along.
Farsical! I'd love to meet the cretins that think this constitutes a war crime! Pardon me if im wrong, but didnt the germans also attempt this sort of 'camoflage' all the time in france? Odd that nobody's making a fuss about that.
well technically a war crime .He got away with it and we won so hard chesse .A Distant relative of mine disapeared during the crete debacle so well done .
peter wilis needs a trip to gitmo as does anyone involved with peace studies open the pit. :lol:

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