VC Walt faces prosecution

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Countryman, Nov 23, 2005.

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  1. Daily Telegraph

  2. Time to name and shame the shit, Photo Please
  3. I'm holding fire on the full vitriol till more facts are known, though as the story stands this is a contemptible act. I think it will be very sad if he turns out to be a veteran who’s not content to be proud of what he did contribute but feels the need to pretend to be more than he is.
  4. I remember the 60th at Normandy and Arnhem, there was suspicion there amongst the old and bold that some there were really not
  5. I frequently dress up as Napoleon.
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  6. BuggerAll

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    Fcuk U Biscuits - I am Napolean, and Churchill (Weekends only)
  7. BuggerAll

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    I also meant to add that I agree with D Bint - its probably sad and pathetic rather than evil... but very sad!
  8. That is creepy............................................... I dress up on weekends as Josephine
  9. maninblack

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    Well I'm going to complain to the police about two people impersonating me, I was 210 miles away at the time just like I was when the Belgrano was...........NURSE!
  10. If you've woken up with a sore arrse it's bollox all to do with me.
  11. They should expect Walts in ..... Fakenham !.
  12. It may be sad and pathetic, but it should also be caught, outed and shamed. I mean, the only reason to wear a VC you aren't entitled to is to get some attention. So it's only right that they get as much attention as they possibly can. It may not exactly be the attention they were seeking, but hey, you can't have everything.

    On a final note, if these people are caught, shamed and possibly convicted it will act as a deterent to ther would be walts..... but it will also show that the medals and those who have actually been awarded them have not been forgotten and we wont allow that value to be undermined.
  13. cautionary note:
    War medals do get stolen all the time , forcing many vets to buy replicas to replace it, so many will have "copy" on the back these medals.

    if that is the case a pint is owed, if however he really is a walt then a public mocking is in order with a full page spread in the papers which is far more effective than prison time.
  14. He's a fake. Unfortunate, but we get more of these than even ARRSE realises. We deal with people who want to know how to arrange a service burial for their grandad, who was an Admiral, etc, when it turns out that they had never even served. Many people wear medals that they are not entitled to wear (even the bloody NATO Article 5 ones that people are wearing illegally and still serving!). We have people who have promoted themselves on discharge, and those that write in demanding to know why we won't refer to them as xxx(Retd) - when they are not entitled to use the retired rank anyway!

    How do you tell someone that their Grandad has been spinning total fabrications for god knows how long, and that his whole life has been a sham? The uniforms are not his, the medals are not his, the memories are all stolen? This bloke has impersonated the last remaining Naval VC, and is about to have his whole sad existence exposed.

    It's sad when youngsters do it, it's even sadder when veterans do it.
  15. Dopn't know about the 60th anniversary of D-Day but at the 50th anniversary I was at Pegasus Bridge and witnesssed a couple of scuffles as a result of the Old and Bold ferreting out Walts with medals that did not tally with their "alleged" war service.

    I have just received a CV from yet another Walt claiming to have been in the Regiment - nobody here (a mere 230 years combined service at Hereford) can remember him and trust me, the photo he has attached to his e-mail would cause the most forgetful individual to remember him.