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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by UlsterFry, Mar 18, 2005.

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  1. At risk of getting severely wound up by the usual suspects ...

    What traditions are in place for VC winners, I've had duty rumour tell me about:

    The whole parade having to stand to attention.
    CO saluting you first.

    Just want to clear it up.

  2. I asked the now deceased Nat Gould VC (RIP) this and he told me that nobody salutes the VC, the only time you get saluted is if you hold the Queens commision.
  3. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    And does it still come with a £40 a year Pension for life? I beleive that it used to, and if some clever economist can increase that from 19th C rates to today's, I'd be interested :)
  4. It does still come with a life-time pension. If you read De la Billiaere's book he gives some details of the VC Assoc who, I'm sure, would shed light on this.
  5. Sounds like a bit "urban myth" but on the rare occasions it occurs I suppose they might do. Sounds a bit bezzerlike though as far as the CO RSM are concerned

    Most VC winners like the late Capt Richard Annand would have died of embarssment if people had made that sort of fuss
  6. You do get a lifetime pension if you win a VC or GC which, as OldSnowy comments, was some piddling sum until fairly recently. I have a vague recollection that it was increased at some point in the last few years though I wouldn't want to bet the farm on how much.

    As for anything else, you get a lot of respect - quite rightly - but there are no particular special privileges associated with it.
  7. A recipient of the American Congressional Medal of Honour is saluted first, irrespective of rank, but I'm not aware that we accord a Victoria Cross recipient anything similar.
  8. Mike Thornton [Seal Team] who was awarded an MOH in Vietnam was seconded to Brit SF in the 70's - well deserved but nobody stood up in the
    mess when he appeared......not a British thing you see.................tough lad but modest and would only talk about it when we got him rat-arsed.
  9. The BBC keep saying that yesterdays VC was the first to be awarded to a live recipiant since 1965 - that wrong the last living recipiant in the British forces was a Gurkah in 1965. However, 4 Aussies received VCs in Vietnam, 2 were very definately alive when the Queen presented them in 1970.

    Just a note on the US Medal of Honor. It is illegal to sell one. Neither the recipient nor their family can profit from the medal itself - the fame that comes with it is different. Should we have the same rule?
  10. msr

    msr LE

    The BBC said this morning that the VC comes with a £1300 annuity


  11. think you will find that that is the Victoria Cross for Australia, looks the same, presented by the queen but theres a difference

    VC for Australia
  12. The whole saluting first thing is an urban legend created by Monty, he stead fastly refused any person that he was awarding the VC to (not everyone got theres form the king during the war you see) to salute him straight afterwards, if you ever watch footae of such a cermoney, usually in the desert, as soon as he pins it on, he would grasp their right arm in a friendly manner just in case he swung one up as course of habit.
  13. No, a VC awarded to an Australian in 1970 was the same VC.

    Read your link

  14. Jealousy gets you nowhere chaps.

    Give the lad his due. And best of luck to him and his wife.
  15. Hmmm seems I am to be corrected, I read about the 4 Aussie VC's and am positive it said that they were not Imperial VC's, however I think you may find that this refernce is do to athe fact that they were not involved in British military action.

    Anyway fact does still remain that the last VC action in which the recipiant lived was by WOII Keith Payne on the 24th May 1969

    The other live recipiant was WOII Rayene Simpson who won his for actions between 6th and 11th May 1969

    Oher Postumous VC awrds were to WOII Kevin Wheatley and Major Peter Badcoe

    Looking into these guys you can see a toughness there , tillyou see Maj Badcoe


    If you passed him in the street it would be hard to imagine he was the holder of the VC, 2 US Silver Stars and a host of Vietnam decorations