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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jonwilly, Oct 15, 2006.

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  1. I most sincerely hope so the troops have risked their necks for the governments policy.
    Did we ever get a reason for why our troops are deployed on this obscure war ?
  2. From an article in the Times(the subject of your other current thread)
    A simple-minded general stirs internet mutiny in the ranks
    by Simon Jenkins,,2088-2404365,00.html

    Dannatt might sensibly have taken this debate forward, rather than publicly questioning the wisdom of the war as such. He is anyway vulnerable to double standards, given his enthusiasm for the war in Afghanistan. Here a decision to send an under-manned ill-equipped expedition with hopeless objectives was made without army protest. Like Iraq it had no relevance to any military threat to Britain and was entirely political: to show that Britain could play a lead role in a newly expanded Nato.

    Gives a fair opinion of this war but Simon Jenkins obviously doesn't read ARRSE...
  3. I doubt he'll get it. Sounds more like an MC. Very brave, but look up WWII citations and you'll find such actions fairly common among non-VC awards. Even the Yanks don't give the MoH for that, maybe the Silver Star or something like the Navy Cross if he's a Corpsman and saved multiple people while under fire and wounded himself. One of the points with Beharry was how horrificly he was injured. Maybe there's more to McKinley's story than the reports suggest. And yes, I'm that boring that I purposely search for and read medal citations.
  4. How does the blessed Jenkins know that no protest was made

    That idiot Matthew Parris has just been on Sunday AM saying how CGS should be sacked for speaking out
    The chattering classes really don't like people speaking their minds do they?
  5. He wrote the same in the times (?).

    he's always had more opinion than ability.
  6. Well done Pte McKinley, but if he gets it I can't help feeling a bit sorry for him, given the press will be all over him for the rest of his life. Beharry has not exactly had an easy ride of it.
  7. Stonker

    Stonker On ROPs


    I wasn't using ARRSE when we went into AFG - I do know that at the time, the move was considered a logical response to 9/11: to root AQ out of their operating base and try to rehabilitate AFG, in order to eliminate a source of threat to the UK and its NATO allies. I'd be surprised if rootling about in the ARRSE-chives would reveal much dissent at the time.

    the IRQ fiasco was was the trigger for my resignation, and for protests by senior officers - including CDS who angrily demanded that the government prove the legality of the intervention. (In my view they did not succeed, instead suborning the Attorny General away from his original position to a set of weasel words that gave them a crack to squeeze through).

    The general thrust of AFG protest on the ARRSE boards, surely, is that:

    a.) The Op is inadequately resourced with military assets (because of IRQ).
    b.) The facts are being concealed from the public.
    c.) There was no effective civil intervention between after the intial military successes, leading to a resurgence of Taliban-led fighting and;
    d.) There is STILL no sign of that the govt is readying the civil resources necessary to take advantage of any window of opportunity that that may be created by the troops deployed out there now.
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  8. 'Stonker', to be fair to Jenkins I think he is referring to the decision by Reid to deploy to southern AFG in the spring of this year.
    Agree with your 'a.b.c.d.' points, fear that any window of opportunity has closed now, the Taliban have learned not to fight a conventional war but will now turn it into an Iraq type insurgency of suicide bombers and IED's.
    It's going to be a long slog...
  9. Wouldn't it be nice for these things to be anounced through the proper channels rather than speculation (how ever well informed).

    Hat of to the lad and we would be welcome for a drink in my local anytime, irrespective of any award he gets. I would like to think that in this situations my soldiers would do the same.
  10. Stonker

    Stonker On ROPs

    Not sure that is how the troops in country are seeing it - I read it more like:

    "We have shown that the Taliban can be beaten.

    Give us the military resources, and we can finish that job.

    What we can't do is rehabilitate the country - over to you Messrs. B'liar and Brown - and all your friends in charge of NATO countries, to do your bit.

    And oh by the way - you haven't started doing your bit yet, and if you don't start soon, all of this will turn out to have been a bloody waste."

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  11. The other problem Beharry has (had?) was that he was medically downgraded. Had a brief chat with him at Albert Hall last year and he said that all he could do was PR stuff and then perhaps get a job in the QMs.

    T C
  12. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

  13. wtf - Interdepartmental Committee on the Grant of Honours, Decorations and Medals.

    Why are the scum in the Treasury, DoH, FCO, Home Office et al having a say on operational awards. They have no concept on what is going on on the ground and indeedfor the FCO or DfID to have any involvement at all rankles particularly bearing in mind their ineffectiveness at delivering ANY of the reconstruction effort that this soldier was seeking to create the conditions for. Their collective failure is exactly why Pte McGinley and his comrades have had to act as they have and should not now be subject to judgement of their acts of braverry by the masters of those too frightened to leave the comforts of the Kabul coffee shops. :x :x