VC Recipients and Saluting

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by jobsworth, Mar 23, 2008.

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  1. I am looking for some guidance, is the recipient of a Victoria Cross entitled to be saluted on parade, irrelevant of his/her rank? I know this is a strange question as you are paying respect to the Queens Commission etc.
  2. My understanding of this is that the VC takes precedence for a salute over the Queens commision.My Father used to tell me that just after the war he was stationed in India with the 13th Frontier Force Rifles, and they had a VC holder with them Ali Haider(RIP).Ali would wait around the Officers Mess and delight in seeing the Officers coming out and having to salute him, before he saluted them back!
  3. Nothing in QRs but I guess out of respect?
  4. I looked at QRs and couldn't find a thing to do with saluting a VC winner.
    I would rather buy them a beer out of respect than salute I wouldn't want people to think I have the same level of respect for officers as I do a VC winner.
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    This is a US tradition for their MoH winners who are due the respect of a salute from any and all, irrespective of rank, on meeting

    As far as I am aware the UK has not followed this tradition.
  6. Here's a snippit;

    I also found this;

  7. Where did you get this from? I couldn't find it anywhere.
    Would officers 150 years ago really have saluted a tom to start this tradition?
  8. I remember being toldthat if a VC winner was on the Trooping of the Colour then when the Queen rides past in her carrage she stops and asks him leave to carry on...this sounds a bit far fetched too me.

    I was also told that on a BAttalion parade that if there was a VC winner on the parade then had to be asked permission to form the Battalion up.
  9. This is where that above statement was taken from, it also states it is a myth to salute the medal. However, out of tradition and respect, Officer's will salute the medal on the ranks.
  10. In Johnson Beharrys account of recieving the VC, he says that upon returning to Wellington barracks he was saluted by the CSM,

  11. Unfortunately, only from the wikipedia. Dont know if officers 150 years ago would have but my guess would be yes.
  12. Well it seems it was happening 80 years ago.

    Extract from Time Magazine (1929):
    Time Magazine Link

    (Didn't know Time magazine was on the web that long ago!) :)