VBS2 vs Invatron

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by BrunoNoMedals, Dec 13, 2010.

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  1. BrunoNoMedals

    BrunoNoMedals LE Kit Reviewer

    A week or so back I got a PM regarding VBS2 and how it compares to Invatron. Unfortunately the PM has since disappeared from my inbox and I can't for the life of me remember the user who sent it. All I know is they were a Mod, but not a name I recognised and with only ~250 posts in over five years. Given the subject I'd expect them to be a Gunner or have some link to training dropshorts.

    If that user is still after a chat, I've done some research and can probably have a sensible conversation on the subject if they want to get back to me!
  2. msr

    msr LE

    I would imagine the comparison is like the Wright Brothers glider compared to an A380.

  3. Invertron is a very reliable system and if it were to have a new type of projector would still be a very usefull teaching aid for Arty Target. It would also keep the cost down compared to six or more laptops which would have to be purchased to run VBS2. Invertron is also portable and can be taken out inb the field.
  4. BrunoNoMedals

    BrunoNoMedals LE Kit Reviewer

    If by "new projector" you mean "new image generator", then the six-figure-plus sum required to make that happen suddenly makes the cost of a few laptops seem pretty insignificant. Ruggedise said laptops and, hey, it can go out in the field as well! VBS2, through Op JCOVE, already has deployable kit ready to hit HERRICK, if anyone wanted that.

    I get the impression, given Larkhill's reaction to VBS2 over the last 12 months, that they don't see there being any comparison to be made. I've also been reliably informed that Invatron is on its way out of service, further mooting the point.

    (Kinda removed the need for that PM now, haven't we?)
  5. Invertron is on the way out and will probably withdrawn by the end of the year. And I do not mean Image generator. The DCCT is to be used as a fill in before VBS2 is issued to units which is not as user friendly as Invertron and will probaböly take a few years unti we see VBS2 issued to units if at all. As Larkhill tries out different replacements for Invertron. Then they try somethijng else out leaving the units with Invertron as I said very reliable. But with this being taken away from the units how can a Regt use a DCCT for 19 days stopping all other units from using it for a level 2 course. At the end of the day not Larkhills problem as they are allright Jack.
  6. BrunoNoMedals

    BrunoNoMedals LE Kit Reviewer

    What specific capabilities do you see disappearing as a result of all this? I get the impression you feel like you're being sold short somewhere. If something is disappearing and VBS2 is taking over, I might be able to help you scope a suitable replacement/interim.
  7. I agree with the sold short we are about to have invertron taken away from all units with what to replace it nothing. DCCT we are told can be used to do level 2 courses has this been tried by any unit I doubt it. Normally DCCT is at Garrison level so most units do not have this facility to allow them to take control of the Garrison DCCT for 19 days, whilst other training is carried out. So in reality we have a system that works ie Invertron the contract has run out with the company that make it. So next year we will be unable to do OPAC Level 2 cses why because they have taken the Invertrons of the units. Ridiculous
  8. BrunoNoMedals

    BrunoNoMedals LE Kit Reviewer

    What training are you doing with Invertron? OPAC? I'm a civvy, so bear with me - I've not heard that one before :)

    Am I to assume that your training is based with the unit as opposed to at a training centre like Larkhill?

    What numbers are you talking here? I mean frequency of courses and people per course.
  9. the contract to maintain invertron runs out any day (we recently had an engineer at ours) so if yours has an issue id get them out asap. The beauty of invertron was its simplicity and effectiveness! i cannot comment on DCCT as im not a qualified user and i haven even made a ccf on vbs2

    I also agree once invertron goes it leaves a huge gap for low level crew training
  10. I am so tired of hearing these discussions..........you are all correct.........(in your own ways)

    however dinosaurs need to realise that scripts are no longer just something old Willy wrote in the past.

    I will gladly demonstrate how VBS2Fires can train at all levels if you have the time... thats L2, L3, FSTCmdr, CandC, L4, BC, JFC and RJFC. (please not ALL at the same time, maybe 2 or 3)

    The system does work and the biggest problem with it is the fact that first sight for most people is at JF at the school.
    Quite rightly they have a system in place that also works excellently however times are changing and digging ones heals in just prolongs the pain.

    I did all my courses on Inv but now we have a new toy and it can be made to do 94% of the things expected of it (99% if its V1.6).

    remember all those painful days trying to convert Devils dyke grids from the Inv to Bergen Hohne Grids so the CP could be exercised (I do)?
    Well VBS2 can do this without the conversion (as long as you have the BH terrain). CPXing with it all: FST, JFC, CP, Turret Trainer and Guns no problems.

    There are still things to be done to smooth the edges but it is getting there and very fast.
    V1.5 came out in Sept and V1.6 last week so thats about a 5% improvement in as many months.
  11. However Invertron does teach the basic with regard to map reading can you achieve that with VBS 2 You cant use a protractor or map board with VBS 2 and teach the billy basics. So Dinosaurs are still needed at present regards to what update you may have just had.
  12. quick answer YES you can.............

    I am getting the idea that you like Invertron a bit more than the other greater system.....

    only a bumbder would say that or ......... maybe a gay vicar Dortmund fan........

    oops cats out of the bag now.............. JUDAS............... may all your PAMS burn in hell.....


    Briefcase W***er

    PS....... mines coffee on Thursday
  13. So tell me this is your system working at the moment ? NO I hear you say but what is working is your invertron which has consolidated more hours run than VBS 2 Because it is reliable. Long live the Dinosaures

    Dont go crying in your coffee
  14. Don't we use a map, compass and Mk.1 boots for real map reading? VBS2 FIRES for the rest of what it does, especially the post ex briefing abilities.

    Isn't that like comparing a 20 year old racing spoon with about 5 moving parts to a new EuroFighter Typhoon? Of course it has more accumulated hours. IVT's been in service for how long?
  15. I am talking about hours run this month and last month have been greater for Invertron than VBS 2 WHY because Invertron is more reliable and the comds have more trust in it.
    20 yr old racing spoon my arrse