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Firstly, my apologies for being a little presumptive and deeming one of my own threads to be "ARRSE Official". I rarely see Proximo or Mr Happy about, but if a MOD wants to can this fully, or in lieu of an offline discussion, I'm happy to go along.

With a recent resurgence in interest for this game, particularly amongst ARRSErs, I thought it best to start some form of central focus to enable discussion, organisation and data-sharing. In time I hope to be able to get something more robust in place, like an entirely separate forum that's not just for the ARRSE community - but one step at a time.

For those not in the know, VBS2 is the current Commercial Off-The-Shelf Simulation Application of Choice. Derived from Bohemia Interactive's successful release Armed Assault, VBS2 offers highly-detailed 3D military simulations featuring huge arrays of vehicles and weapons (almost all UK ground vehicles and small arms are covered, plus the majority of unmanned, fast- and close-air assets) and truly massive virtual terrains (often 50-60km square). Using the open scripting interface that made Armed Assault's community modifications so popular, VBS2 allows the British, American, Canadian and ANZAC forces to develop an endless number of bespoke mission scenarios for training anything from convoys to CAS to C-IED. Currently, around 2000 soldiers have gone into Afghanistan with VBS2-based training, delivered through the Op JCOVE programme, as part of their PDT.

Last year, UK MOD undertook a small project on behalf of Army Recruiting Group. The idea was to use our licensing agreement for VBS2 to produce a lightweight, free-to-distribute version of VBS2 that could be handed out AFCOs (is that the right abbreviation?) to potential new recruits. Given that VBS2 is no MW2-style run-and-gun, handgun-headshot-from-500m-while running game, this would give new joiners more realistic expectations of their basic training and section-level combat. The result of this project was JCOVE Lite.

Lite comes with a number of training missions that reflect a typical assault course, an APWT, and driving tests in a Snatch, Warrior and large support truck. Combat missions included reflect typical contacts in Afghanistan. The game engine itself is still VBS2, with less-detailed mission editor than the full version but still fully capable of accessing all UK kit and generating new and complex missions of your own. The main strength of Lite, however, much like VBS2-proper, is its ability to network a number of players together to form whole sections and tackle the missions appropriately - the game is practically impossible without teamwork, making it stand out from the majority of commercial offerings.

Currently there is no official download location to obtain a copy of the software; however, as part of the project team responsible for VBS2 in the MOD you can always drop me a PM here and I'll try and get a CD out to you. If you know someone with a copy of their own, or want to spread the word yourself, the game is essentially freeware and you can create as many copies as you want. We hope to have a download location available in the next couple of weeks.

Due to the lack of dedicated servers or an existing community website, I would like to use this thread to allow those who are already playing to meet up and organise missions, share their own creations, and make recommendations. I'd also like to use it to answer any future questions on VBS2 and JCOVE Lite from those who might be interested.

[Mods: I don't imagine for a second that there will be enough interest in this post yet to make it a worthwhile sticky, but if things do take off would you consider it?]
I'll be ready to host/play multiplayer games in a couple of days. I'm having a few problems with my new graphics card at the moment but *hopefully* I will be able to sort that soon :)
I've had a cabby on VBS2 at work. It's great you can get blown up by IEDs from the comfort of your own chair.


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spaz said:
I've had a cabby on VBS2 at work. It's great you can get blown up by IEDs from the comfort of your own chair.
You think that's good? I've got a little widget for it that lets you play Terry by giving you a big cache of IEDs. You can pick from all sorts of stuff what goes boom, go and place it around by hand, trail big wires behind you while you find a rock to hide behind, and blow up your mates. From the comfort of your own chair, of course :)


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Oh yeah, it's no MW2 and you'll be able to pick holes in it all day. However, it's free and it's a lot more realistic. Plus, how many other games do you know where you can place 100 Chally2s on a map and balloon across the landscape?

I actually think it looks quite sexy, graphically, when you've turned it up full whack - especially considering the size and complexity of some of the landscapes.
Oh, no - I wasn't being negative. I was a huge fan of OFP, and recently bought a rig just for ArmA:2 - I just thought the video may seem a little bland to some of the people who aren't familiar with any of these games :)

Good on the MOD though - if this is done right, it could be much bigger than Americas Army :)
amazing__lobster said:
Good on the MOD though - if this is done right, it could be much bigger than Americas Army :)
Normally I wouldn't belittle the one nice comment about the MOD to ever grace this forum, but I have to be honest: We haven't put the infrastructure in place to support the community for Lite the way the septics did with AA. That said, we haven't got their funding either. Hence why this thread is set up in the absence of any dedicated servers or online forums.

On the plus side, the things we're doing with the full VBS2 are far more impressive and wide-ranging - even the matelots are getting involved with a full scale model of the T45 :D
Just been informed that there's potential for a VBS2 press demo very soon, so keep your eyes on DII Intranet News and the local papers. Oh, and we might be getting a stand at DVD this summer. I'm gonna be famous!
We now have a forum set up. It's unofficial, but it's a very nice site. www.jcove-lite.co.uk

Also, a number of download locations are available as well as torrents.
GrizzlyPanda said:
BrunoNoMedals said:
We now have a forum set up. It's unofficial, but it's a very nice site. www.jcove-lite.co.uk

Also, a number of download locations are available as well as torrents.
Good man.
I might be a blind twat, but where are the download linkies? 8O
Not in the forum yet, which I should probably have pointed out. However, when I was Googling "JCOVE Lite" to see if the forum was listed yet, a couple of links appeared:



There are some other (possibly better?) torrents available. Worryingly, I can't find the direct downloads that I thought I'd spotted earlier. I'll let someone who knows where they are clarify this!
there are no seeds available for any of the torrents though, so you will never finish the download, shame as I was looking forward to giving this a try
The 'btmon' torrent link seems to be working at the moment, looking like an 8hr download though at the mo :(
I'm at 18% now, been going for about half an hour. The current download speed is registering at 473.4 kb/s

However the piratebay link wont download the torrent, I just keep getting an error page :(

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