Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Whiskybreath, Dec 11, 2012.

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  1. Everything about this nasty creature is wrong. He is the MP I'd be least likely to trust with the task of looking after my bike for ten minutes, he could make a fortune scraping the greasy slime from his skin and selling it to hagfish for use in repelling deepsea monsters, and he is still on the outside of Wandsworth Prison.

    His latest grossly repellent trick is to take opportunistic advantage of the terrible situation which the family of Mrs Saldanha find themselves in. As soon as he was able, he leapt in to their midst then popped up on national radio to complain loudly about the support the family has failed to receive from the KEVIII hospital where she worked; this broadcast was subsequently reported in all the national dailies. None of this was any of his damned business, but he very surely believed that he could profit from the situation. He is an ambulance-chaser, a chancer and a vile and unrepresentative representative. His 'thoughts', he said, were with the family. His 'thoughts' are in truth with K Vaz, and K Vaz's future opportunities.

    Edit: The Independent's story today
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  2. The slimy oik has never knowingly allowed a bandwagon to trundle past without flagging it down with his race card.
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  3. Vampires are supposed to come from central and south eastern europe, not Goa!
  4. He is a slimy one. Luckily R4 made it clear that he had spoken to the hospitals rep before he took the interview and was fully aware that the family had been contacted repeatedly.
  5. Anyone got his number? My mate needs a passport.
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  6. Didn't Viz once do a strip called 'Keith Vaz talks our of his ass'?

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  7. Hang him !
  8. Somehow elected to the chairmanship of the Home Affairs Select Committee.
  9. ....and boy, does he revel in it!!
    Calling him slimy doesn't get anywhere near decribing how awful the man is. Isn't (wasn't) he a friend of Ali Dizaei? The prosecution rests its case M'lud.
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  10. Detestable piece of toenail fungus. ******* parasite of monumental proportion.
  11. Utterly, Utterly detestable example of a political opportunist. Makes my skin crawl.
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  12. Forget small time expenses scandals, Vaz encapsulates everything that is worst in British politics.

    I can't do links on a moby but if you've got a strong stomach google the ****** and read up on all the dodgy stuff that surrounds him.

    His time will come, tho.
  13. Yeah, the **** will be made a Peer.
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  14. A good few years ago when he was MP for Leicester the I.R.A planted a bomb on the Army recruiting office's minibus and it exploded and I am pretty sure it killed the driver,this creature was on the news demanding to know why the Army was carrying bombs on it's minibuses
  15. I actually respect she of I'm a celebrity fame more than most in politics. At least she has had a real job and is more in touch than the other career politicians. No wonder they are scared...imagine Vaz eating a kangaroo testicle