Vaz worries about police morale ... boo hoo

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by BounceBanana, Dec 30, 2012.

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  1. Labour MP Keith Vaz On Police 'Crisis' Caused By Plebgate, Hillsborough And Home Office Reform

    How many years have the teachers tried this ? "Boo hoo we have low morale and 65% have thought about leaving the profession in the past year"

    Mr Vaz think about division and association.

    A society divided into bogus "Communities" by social control theorists. Ethnicity, gender, orientation, disability etc

    And unaccountable unlawful power wielded through associations.

    Reserve Forces Assn and Association of Chief Police Officers.

    The real question for the people about police is "Are they fit and proper persons to hold the office of constable". And if we are stuck with police as is then we will have to deprive them of the office of constable and create a new Constabulary to represent the administration of Crown justice and properly hold police to account.
  2. And the Association of Black and Asian Police officers?
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  3. How very dare you!
  4. Yes boohoo. The force is being absolutely decimated by the current government.
  5. I dare, I dare!
  6. What every tenth officer is being executed as an example to the others? If this is true it wasn't reported locally.
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  7. Keith Vaz = self publicist so will jump on any band wagon to see his name in print or on the TV.

    The police are the same as any large organisation/institution/service, loads of excellent people let down by the odd toe rag.

    As for the Association of Black & Asian Police Officers, surely that is designed to polarise ethnic groups and encourage them to disassociate themselves from other Police Officers causing mistrust, misunderstanding and, eventually, the breakdown of the organisation. How it's not been declared racist is beyond me!
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  8. Translation = our cushty lifestyle and years of bloated miss management and mediocrity is now under the microscope, and we don't like it. How very dare the government attempt to get value for money.

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  9. Meh, if there's anybody I want in high spirits it's the police.

    Doctors, nurses, ambo crew, firefighters, soldiers...all that public service lot.

  10. How very dare you?
  11. Give it a rest knocknee. Your quaint notion died out decades ago.

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  12. Ah, the practice of Decimation. It was every tenth Legionary though - not officers. The grisly bit was that sometimes it was down to the lucky blokes to beat to death their unfortunate oppo. Puts a whole new spin on the sports afternoon.

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  13. Vaz chairing a committee looking at 'integrity'. Couldn't make it up.
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