Vauxhall Frontera

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by jeromesausage, Jun 12, 2011.

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  1. Hey guys,
    I'm currently sharing a car with my partner and, since she stumped up most of the readies, she got the choice. A peugeot 206 hard-top convertible which she went on to gucci up with pink steering wheel cover and the obligatory '..powered by fairy-dust' sticker on the back. Needless to say, the peasant carrier to work is sometimes by far the most preferable option.

    However, having successfully got her into diving and through her PADI advanced she is keen to roam the length and breadth of the land with me in pursuit of our hobby however trying to fit all that lot into a 206 aint going to hapen. I've never had a 4x4 before and am impressed by the size of the Frontera and also by the fact I can pick up a half decent one for about 2k - insurence also seems pretty reasonable.

    We are also discussing getting some huskies, so a 4x4 would definately be the way to go. Also, whatever we get, if I ever find a 'powered by fairy-dust ' sticker on the back she will be looking for a new Jerome sausage.

    Anyway guys - anyone out there had any experience, or comments / advice on the Vauxhall Frontera. Good cheap all rounder or will I be lumbering myself. I'm not interested in prestige badges or re-sale value - just a relaible cavernous beast.

    Appreciate all input guys, have a great week.

  2. Frontera - UNreliable cavernous beast. Get a diesel estate car.
  3. Good god no. No. Please no.

    All mid-90s 4x4s are - without exception - terrible to drive and uneconomical.
    If all you're interested in is space and practicality, get an estate (406, Mondeo, Accord, etc) - you'll thank me when you have to do an emergency stop whilst swerving in the wet.
  4. Agreed,
    The reason they are two grand is they're not great
    Diesel estate will massively increase your MPG, or even a big saloon for security of kit, something like a Volvo S80 D5, safe solid nippy comfy as your armchair for long trips and will do 50 mpg
  5. Get a Subaru Forester, estate mit 4x4. Job jobbed!
  6. Ingredients 1 Vauxhall Frontera, Petrol (1 Gallon), Matchess or a Lighter.

    Method, apply flammable liquid, ignite retire to safe distance.
  7. I'm ex 14, so my Porsche Carrera is cammed up to look like a
    52 plate Renault Kangoo, stops the inevitable questions.
  8. Have you seen the price of petrol ?
    Bottle of White spirit from the pound shop will suffice
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  9. Not the most reliable of vehicles, had numerous problems throughout the production run which ended in 2003. There are 11 commons faults to check for:

    4 engine issues
    1 Interior issue
    2 wear item(s) to spot on the suspension

    4 Recalls:
    1.BONNET MAY FLY OPEN INADVERTENTLY - replacement bonnet catch should have been fitted
    2.LACK OF WELD PENETRATION OF ROADWHEEL SEAM WELDS - wheels should have been changed
    3.FUEL TANK PROTECTION - installation of a protective shield over the fuel tank.
    4.STEERING COUPLING BOLT SECURITY CONCERN - alignment between the transfer box and steering rack should have been checked and realigned if necessary. Fit new coupling bolts should have been fitted.

    If these recalls are NOT in the "Service History" run away very fast!! Vehicle did not sell very well here in Brittany, farmers who bought them had nothing but trouble.
  10. So appreciated guys, food for thought here. Right, 2k to spend on a bloody good 4x4.

    All suggestions welcome, many thanks guys.

  11. Does it have to be 4X4? Thats adding a grand on, and you need it about 1 week of the year in the UK on normal roads. For 2k I would plumb for a Mondeo TDCi that had been to the moon and back numerous times, probably get a 55 plater for that money at auction.
  12. subaru wagon would be the best bet. or a toyota hilux/4 runner.
  13. My mate drove his Frontera, fully laden from Winchester to Bulgaria (where he now lives). It had a gas conversion, so cheaper than petrol. Once in Bulgaria we took it off road, through rivers, up mountains etc, and it never let us down.

    Not saying I'd own one, but if it ticks the boxes......
  14. If you hadn't already gathered, Fronterrors are bloody terrible. And don't even consider a mark 1 Land Rover Freelander either, as these are possibly even worse.

    Consider a late model, 5 door 2 litre Mitsubishi Shogun Pinin. A couple of my mates have them for OOH ARR Farmer Brown duties, and they seem pretty tough. None of your push-button terrain selection shite, these have proper levers that make big oily bits move in the transmission.
  15. Weren't these Isuzu Tropers with an Opel/Vauxhall Badge? They certainly are if we are talking '90s. Second the Subaru verdict, much much much more reliable, in fact impossible to kill.

    [​IMG] vs [​IMG]