Vauxhall barracks.

Discussion in 'RLC' started by TheBrave, Oct 25, 2011.

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  1. Can anyone please answer a couple of questions I have about this location.
    Please pm me.
  2. There are 3 types of accomodation you could be stuck in depending on rank:

    The Corsa - cheap and chearful, clean enough, usually lived in by young lads

    The Astra - Still quite basic, but a step up from Corsa block. Has some gucci add-ons like wifi

    The Insignia - Normally lived in by the grown-ups, though unfortunatley still quite crap.
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  3. In order to bring it into line with the rest of Europe it's being renamed Opel Barracks as of 01/01/12.
  4. I heard that rumour......
  5. Its not a patch on its Aussie equivilant Holden Barracks.
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  6. What is the general feel of RHQ? Is it a good place to work?
  7. Are you gathering intelligence? Has Terry discovered Arrse?
  8. Mods, I think this thread needs to be culled - if not for opsec reasons then to stop it degenerating into the usual cojones about ATs
  9. Anyone want to add some info with any value to the topic?
  10. How about **** off? If you want to know Info about a level 2 security camp then phone the fuckin RSM, I'm sure he'd prefer this method than it being plastered on here......
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  11. How can anyone add value if you haven't specified the questions?

  12. To be fair, the OP did ask for a PM. It was the silly, follow up question in post 6 that spoiled it.
  13. So a PM means he is coshier?
  14. Spunk stop whining fella if you had pm me you would know none of the info I require is in any way in breach of opsec.
  15. I suppose I could of PM'd you. But I don't know where Vauxhall Bks is.... :)