Vauxhall Astras

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by coax-on, Feb 14, 2007.

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  1. Is it us here or are these new issued Astras (the 1.3 turbo diesel ones with 6 gears) absolutely garbage.

    Talk about made by the lowest bidder, we've just had a pipe on the turbo blow because the radiator has melted it - funny that putting something rubber next to something that gets really hot! Also put your foot anywhere near the clutch pedal and the clutch slips - what an absolute piece of c**p.

    I dont know how Vauxhall have got the neck to advertise these heaps of rubbish flying over each other in some sort of aerial acrobatics display we're lucky to get the things started in the morning!

    Has anyone else out there in arrseland had any problems with them?
  2. The new astra is fat girl's pants.
  3. Yeah, funny you should mention Vauxhall Astra 1.3 diesel turbo with 6 gears. We have one as well 9with knackered clutch) and it lacks power similiar to Port Vale FC. It has adquate space but absolutley no class what so ever and is doomed to the lower leagues. C'mon the MoD if we are to travel a lot whilst carrying out our duties then lets have some decent transport.
  4. And nowadays criminal to have no air-con...remembering a journey on the M25, rush hours, summer in uniform coming back from Millbrook Proving Ground!!
  5. Yeah, know what you mean, and I understand the Government has got more important issues on which to spend it's money ie Iraq, Afghanistan, updating Whitehall, paying out on MPs expense claims etc but surely there are better, cheaper, more reliable cars on the market that would suit everyones needs better than these heaps of Shi'ite
  6. We have one as a work car and weve had no problems with it so far, and its done some miles as well.
  7. That's all well and good T M I T C but you probably don't need aircon in Newcastle lol

  8. We just need armoured windows
    And it must go some as less than 50= no wheels
  9. Not just the Astra got a Vectra as a company car .....absolute sh1te spent 2 months in the garage in the summer having ECU stuff swapped around cars only 20mths old and less than 22k on the clock :thumbdown: never again