Vatican Re-Examines Contraception Ban

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by TankiesYank, May 3, 2006.

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  1. Link to story.

    OK, so it's for a reeeeeeeeeal narrow segment of the Catholic flock, and it's like a century late, but it's a start.
  2. About time, one little step at a time perhaps.

    Anyone remember the last nazi... I mean pope... declaring that condoms did nothing to stop the spread of HIV?

    (yes, I know the last pope was polish and was around during the time of the nazis and was anti-nazi, but I wanted to sound mean :p)
  3. Ive always thought the whole catholic anti-condom thing was a bit crazy.

    Dont have sex outside of marriage, but, if your going to, dont wear a condom, we need all the recruits we can get!

    But, Ive never laughed so hard as when the Catholic Church (and others) called HIV/AIDS the gay plague only to have the noofters rubber up, thereby turning HIV/AIDS into the catholic plague.

    Its Darwinism at work, they dont believe in natural selection, cant quite work out modern things like condoms, gene therapy and so on. After a while us advanced secular types will be hale and hearty whilst the religous types will be dying off. Thank fcuk.
  4. Quite right - keeping your legs together and knickers on helps more...
  5. LOL

    But it's OK for priests to sh@g little boys?

    I still have never seen anything in the bible that says contracenptives are a bad thing. Surely they're a human invention and a human-created ban. Bloody nonsense dreamt up by a bunch of idiots who claim that they're they the spiritual representatives of some big fairy who lives in the sky. With a beard.

  6. Have you seen the birth rates of secular Western counties compared to "medieval" religious types?....

  7. No, but do you have the figures or a link please?
  8. Fertilty rate is 2.1 children per women to replace a given population

    a couple of sources...

    Country Comparison Birth rate

    Fertility Rates
  9. but we also need to look at death rates/ages for a proper comparison.
  10. Get breeding!

    I want 4 Kids per Arsser!

    And I want it now!
  11. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Does this mean that the Nigerians are 48.3 or 223 times more attractive than the Bennies ?

    Or should they all be given a .223 contraceptive ?
  12. :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol:
  13. But surely they believe in creationism and things being pre-ordained, therefore the invention of the condom was Gods idea? After all, if everything is pre-ordained then who are they to judge if Gods will as being right or wrong?

    Bleh, they are all bloody mental and should be locked up/executed!

    If its ok for the elected head of a country to admit he went into a war cause God told him, is it OK to kill that head of a country because God told me to do it!

    And on the point of birth/death rates, as we are overpopulating the planet surely having a lower number of healthy babies is far superior to having 15 HIV infected babies in a country ravaged by war and famine, not that im into making moral judgements or anything.

  14. The Vatican believes in neither of those things :roll:

    (Oh and the rest is fairly t1t as well...)