Vatican accused of hypocrisy over short skirts dress code

There is nothing sexy about nuns. They are in fact the scariest things in Christendom. It is rumoured that many recanting heretics took the offer of a merciful auto da fe from Torquemada, with a full confession rather than accept his casually offered "Or...we can pass you on to the...NUNS!"

If we want to scare our parish priest we either tell him that there is no more gin - a real hoot but unkind - or wind up one of these and send it across the table:

It is a scary little fcuker - note the ruler in the right hand and it shoots sparks from its' eyes and gob.


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Strangely, I was there last week and the swiss guard did not seem to give a toss about what people were wearing. It was the people standing just before the metal detectors that made my wife roll the legs of her shorts down another inch so that she was modest enough. Most people just went back to how they were as soon as they got in.

And FYI, I never saw a single priest, or the pope, the whole time I was there. Saw a few nuns, but nothing like the ones that Spike knows (apparently).

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