VAT on condoms

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by crabby, Apr 14, 2006.

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  1. It'll just save me money anyway, go for it

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  2. Suddenly it will all seem worthwhile, I'll be bagging up instead of getting a dose

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  3. STDs are for real men, it'd make no difference

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  4. What's a condom?

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  1. Campaigners have called for VAT to be abolished on Condoms. They claim they're an "essential health item" which is the argument used so that sanitary products for women are exempt from VAT.

    Are they an essential health item or a luxury/lifestyle product?

    With a three pack costing about £3 removing VAT would make it about £2.50. Would this encourage you to buy and bag up instead of a trip to the clinic a few days down the line?

  2. I thought that the Chancellor had announced that VAT was no longer to be charged on condoms in the latest budget, or did I imagine it like so many other things?
  3. I don't know... I'll check it out
  4. I've flicked through the budget and the treasury did reduce the VAT on contraceptives to 5%. So the question changes to; Is this a good thing?

    (p118 5.109 for those interested. "To support its strategy to improve sexual health, the government will reduce the rate of VAT chargeable on contraceptive products to 5%" it's part of "building a fairer society")
  5. With almost 3 million STI's cases a year in the UK & 60 odd thousand HIV cases, Condoms should be FREE to all.
  6. they are if you go to a family planning clinic or your local friendly (military) medical centre.
  7. Yeah some nurse told me a nasty story about them being faulty from the makers. I don't know if thats bull shite of not.
  8. :lol: 8O Yeah I can just see Durex selling on sub-standard condoms and waiting for the claims to come back :lol:

    :eek: Another Urban Myth if you ask me....... :?