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Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by easy-wan-kenobi, Sep 22, 2005.

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  1. dunno if its just a roumer but do us german warriors actually have to pay VAT for use of E-commerce goods abroad?!?

    about to put in a £390 order into amazon so id like the vat back!

    anyone know?

  2. No Duff, tell them who you are and that you are a tight arrse and can claim tax free as a perk. They even gave me back cash for goods I had bought after the fact. Two months after in fact.

    Always ask, you can even but jolly nice limited edition prints of this and that and get the tax off.
  3. sorry for being a spas i couldnt find it in help anywhere!

    so how do i go about doing this? im sure some other people would like to know too judging by the mailbox a week after payday.

    cheers for the help

  4. Send them a e-mail with your address pointing out the fact thay you are a BFPO in Germany.
  5. yup just done it cheers a bundle! just got to wait for reply.

  6. Like old bloke says send them an email, loads of blokes have done it here and have had the VAT refunded, some of them even got it back for stuff bought before they were tax free.

  7. just got at least £100 back from the retail gods! more beer tokens for me!

    do it! its easy!

    cheers easy amazon!

  8. Though you could only cliam back tax when outside the EU? Thought that VAT was still payable in Germany?
  9. Can you do the same in Iraq?
  10. Emailed them when I was in the Fatherland and lo and behold no VAT,very easy.

    At the time 6th Sense had a lsit of firms that do similiar, being a bespectacled member of society my optician not only posted out new glasses but took of VAT too.

    Most firms if you ask and explain will at least look into it.
  11. how do BFPO deal with 40" tvs?

    iv looked around but there doesnt seem to be any indication of limits other that 1 metre in length and 2 metres wide.

    i want to buy a 40" tv from amazon and send it to germany. with a cushty 17 percent off anyone done it before?
  12. Not a chance easy. Mill Hill will fcuk it off.

    I had an order of 3 DVD's 5 CD's and 2 books returned because the package was 'too big'.
  13. b-u-gger.

    my hopes and dreams have crashed around me. :(
  14. I know mate, in the same position :(
  15. Easy,

    Have you considered getting the telly 'ohne Mehrwertstuer' from a German shop? Granted the tuner won't be up to much in the UK - but you'll probably want to plug it into either Sky or or a Digital STB?

    Just a thought...