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Can anyone confirm if it is possible to purchase goods in BFPO Cyprus and claim vat. i am aware that I have to complete a vat exemption certificate as per other BFPO's but I have been told that Cyprus is an exception as they are not signing certificates. Does anyone know if this is true, why and if there are specific regulations for army personnel. Thanks.


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Why not stroll along to the Customs Office in the SBA and ask there?
You can buy Tax free goods out here, there was a problem with signing the forms with regards to buying things from the internet, i.e. Amazon, Ebay etc, but you can go to the republic of Cyprus and buy Tax free along with buying from Ermes (NAAFI) shops on island.
I never had a problem with internet based shopping whilst out there, always got my tax back.

If you are going to buy anything (significant) in a Cyp shop, speak to the staff. (Usually they know the score.)
there was never a problem until Amazon changed the way we had to claim the tax back then it all went tits up probably about a year and a half ago....
Its the same in BFG. Its a pain in the arrse, but I've just claimed back tax from Amazon.
think the purchases need to be over £100 before you can claim it back... so just save up your receipts and visit the jolly folks in the Customs Office and hope they are having a good day

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