Vasectomy under 30?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Tubbyboy, Apr 11, 2008.

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  1. Does anyone know whether you can get a vasectomy through the system if you are under 30 with no kids?

    The background is thus: Neither my wife or I have ever really wanted kids and there is also a chance of passing on a medical condition that my wife is a carrier of. Therefore we want a final solution (not in the Hitler meaning) to the contraception issue. Having done a lot of reading on the subject over the last few months though, I have seen that vasectomies on men under the age of 30 who have no children are seen as a no no.

    So, if you have a genuine reason or reasons not to ever have kids, can you get the snip through the system?

  2. Had a mate with this (ish) problem years ago. His now ex wife was festering with an anti social disease which made her sterile. SHE had decided that they weren't going to have kids. Disappeared off to have have a good time (To find herself) with someone she had just met, then reappeared months later. He managed to deposit some of his future children into a test tube for later and is now a happy man. Although skint.
  3. 8O

    Man up FFS - Let the bitch, er soz, your good lady, get her tubes cut/tied! In fact, get her a hysterectomy to skip all that being on blob bo11ox they go on about. It's her body that gets preggers, she's got the condition, and you never know what's gonna happen in a few years!

    How you gonna feel when some horny young slut wants a mouthful of your baby gravy? "Sorry, Honey Child, I got pussie whipped into loosing the use of my balls!!!"
  4. Yes you can with a genuine reason Tubby, but ensure it is what you really want.
  5. That should be a genuine forced yes yes for all chavs,neds and the like!
  6. You obvisiously have no clue what vasectomy is about aye?
  7. Okay sensible post...

    Your missus has decided your not gongto have kids and you dont want to inflict a family condition on her.

    What happens if you split up? She will still not want babies you may at a later date. As airfix stated get her tied and carry on... if it doesn't work out your not in jeapardy.

    As for the family condition.. sure it might miss a generation or two - or is your missus suffering with it?
  8. In UK there is an interview process with the medics, dunno what it's like private. From their objective point of view, they will undoubtedly recommend the missus is seen to as she is the carrier.

    I (bloke) had mine at 28, three kids under me belt was enough but you still had to do the questions.
  9. And you obvisiously have no clue what sense of humour, irony and sarcasm is about being a Cloggie! :wink:
  10. yeah but airfix your joke makes no sense... you still have spunk just no tidal riders.... so she can gobble into her mouth!

    Definition of macho: Jogging home after your vasectomy...
  11. But I don't know if it tastes the same, maybe you do... :D
  12. I had two kids prior to having mine done at 27. It was done by the Army Doc at the MRS in Edinburgh.

    Three seperate interviews and made point both wife and I were happy with two healthy kids. Job done start to finish incl interviews - three weeks.

    I never bottled any kid juice but previous post about not having any kids at the time and being prepared was good idea I think.

    Plan B - Go private - they will take anything from you if you pay!!!!
  13. blue-sophist

    blue-sophist LE Good Egg (charities)

    I was snipped at 30+, after producing what Mrs Mk 1 wanted ... subsequently life was great. Being a blank-firer wa surprisingly popular!

    My best mate was also snipped, and after his divorce he re-married and was re-plumbed successfully. Suited him, then.

    You do what you you want ... no comment required beyond that. :wink:
  14. I've never had the op myself, but here's a video about the procedure you might find helpful: Vasectomy