vasectamy tomorrow!!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by jibman, May 14, 2007.

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  1. any advise for me about aftercare after my tube cutting tomorrow morning! 8O
  2. look it is only a little prick!
  3. go in with your sac as empty as possible

    and eat plenty of bannas and pistachio nuts
  4. blue-sophist

    blue-sophist LE Good Egg (charities)

    Take it easy for a few days. I remember it feeling "OK" until about 24 hours later ... by which time I'd had a long evening out to celebrate. Error!!

    Subsequent aftercare includes letting the lasses know ... they seemed to like that info, for some reason!!
  6. Be prepared for some real blackand blue nuts! :twisted:

    Edit to add. I was doing a course like "Altcar" just 7 days after. Later in the showers all the guys were staring at me for having a sac that contained all the colours of the rainbow. 8O
  7. I caught tube home straight after mine and was fine until the anesthetic wore off.
    Nothing that a bottle of neurofen and a slab of wifebeater didnt cure!

    Balls swell up like hell and turn all sorts of weird colours! Mine were so big for a while I had to move them out the way before i sat down!

    Right as rain after a week or so........................Dont try and and play left back for a least a fortnight though............Not a good idea!
  9. some of my patients say wearing loose boxers helps and don't use any shower products with a high scent.

    But truth it is one rule for one and another rule for another.
  10. Good supportive underwear and over the shelf analgesia. No lifting heavy weights, excessive straining etc....
    Your nuts will be tender and I speak from bitter experience :cry:

    Best of luck mate

  12. Had mine done a few weeks ago. I had a wank the next day. My balls went all the shades of bruising you could imagine along withthe first couple of inches of my c**k. I was about a week before I felt up to running, but that was becuase I didn't want to upset the stiches in my sack rather than any inherent pain in my 'nads.

    Managed to get my resting heart-rate down to 38bpm during the op!

    I'm due to go for the first sample test this week.
  13. Don't go to the hospital on a bike, else you'll be fecked getting home after.
  14. Why would any sane man get it done in the first place?

    You never know when you might leave your missus for a young tart and wish to impregnate some time.

    Any man who shoots blanks is not a man! :p
  15. I knew someone who helped her hubby by bathing the wound with was only when he hit the ceiling she realised she was supposed to dilute it first.

    Tip of the day, check the instructions.... :p