Various Nursing Roles - highly competitive salaries and sign on bonuses avaliable

Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by Simon @ Quest Mag, Mar 14, 2012.

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  1. View the job listing on Questonline.
    [h=3]Job description[/h] This is your chance of a lifetime.
    Dream big

    You’re a talented nursing professional. Now get the rewards you deserve.

    Senior Nursing Supervisors - £67,046 -£90,021 + sign on bonus*
    Clinical Nurse Specialists & Complex Care Supervisors – £57,894 - £77,588 + sign on bonus*
    Senior Staff Nurses - £40,802 - £54,264*

    Specialties in Oncology, Theatre, A&E, NICU, Orthopaedics, ICU, Pain Management, Coronary Care and Midwifery

    With a nursing career at Saudi Aramco, a global leader in the energy industry, you’ll work with state-of-the-art facilities in an environment that respects and values your contribution. It’s an opportunity to do what you do best – care for people – for an organization that cares every bit as much about you. A high disposable income, low living costs and the chance to travel are all yours for the taking. So if you’re a registered nurse, with the relevant qualifications for your specialty – and are unfazed by the new and the different – this could be the making of a great future, both professionally and personally. The limits to what you achieve are up to you.

    We believe the key to a productive workforce is having happy and healthy employees. As well as enjoying Saudi Arabia’s high disposable income and low living costs, you can look forward to a fantastic package that includes:

    · A highly competitive salary.
    · Annual cash payment.
    · Settling-in allowance.
    · A generous cash travel allowance and holiday leave.
    · Minimal living expenses (gas, electricity, water and maintenance are included in the low monthly rent).
    · Free (in-Kingdom) medical care.
    · First-class leisure facilities, including gyms, a cinema, swimming pools, running tracks and golf courses.

    Learn more about the amazing rewards, lifestyle and benefits that come with a career at Saudi Aramco.

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    uncommon opportunities

    *Salary dependent upon experience, seniority and discipline.

    To find out more about joining our team, please click here.
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