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Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by PRC-349, Feb 16, 2011.

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  1. Recently I have been helping a friend empty a relatives house after they passed away and came accross some interesting items including: a medal ribbon, various patches and a bell. I have identified some of them such as the Buffs flashes and Pilot's wings (I think) however some have me totally stumped.

    The family have a service background of: ATS, Royal Artillery and Royal Navy so we are thinking of getting as much infor on the relevant patches, ships etc and mounting and framing them along with the gongs to make a nice little display.

    Any help would be fantastic and most appreciated


    [Edit: Pics to be posted shortly]
  2. Most of the pictures, some more to follow

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  3. I think this is ten letters

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  4. The patches/badges are all WWII vintage: the first is 21st Army Group (think Montgomery and NW Europe), the second is a shoulder title for Corps of Military Police, a title used by them from 1926 until 1946 when they awarded 'Royal' as a recognition for service during WWII.

    The last 3 - the styalised archer - signifies Anti Aircraft Command: for a potted history, see here Anti-Aircraft Command - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  5. The P in the laurel means PIAT gunner I think, then pilots brevet and Africa Star ribbon
  6. The 'P' badge is an Army trade qual: I think it was a WWII era one for a Pioneer, though I stand by to be corrected. The medal ribbon is a length of Africa Star ribbon: again, for more see here Africa Star - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  7. The P badge looks aufully like the old AT qual badge and my grandads pay book has a mention of a PIAT badge awarded so i put 2 and 2 together
  8. @ BA - you're probably right: I need to dig around in my Very Boring Book Of Army Insignia and see if I can find one.
  9. Cheers fellas this is going to make a lady most happy. I'll be routing about to write out a brief history of each bit and researching more into the service background of each one to make the display something rather special.
  10. Also is there any idea about the bell? I am inclined to think it could be a ships bell because of the crown and the Father was in the Navy, also the long upper section. Can anyone identify it?
  11. AL1 - the 'P' badge would appear to signify 'Plotter', which would tie in with the AA Command patch.
  12. The 'P' stand for 'Fortess Plotting-Room Personnel'. something to do with big gun plotting rooms.

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  13. Looking at the crown on the bell it is very reminiscent of the crown that adorns some Norwegian issue kit. Could be something to do with the extraction from Narvik.
  14. How big is the bell PRC?
  15. The bell is just under 8 inches in height and the bar coming out the top I'd say about roughly a foot. I'm afraid I can't be exact as it's currently still in the house but I will get some better pictures and dimentions when we go back