Variety of questions, medical and nonmedical

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Schweppes, Nov 15, 2012.

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  1. Afternoon, lads.

    Got a few questions here, a couple of them are medical but a couple aren't. (Infantry is my first choice, open to most jobs, though)

    Regarding the full army medical;

    I have a history of minor eczema, however I haven't had it for a number of years (can't quite remember the exact amount, perhaps 3-5?). I imagine it will come up when I give my GP the questionnaire. Will this result in a deferral, and if so, are there any estimates as to it's length? I've read about a couple of people who've had 1 year deferral for eczema, but I'm not sure of their history with it, and how long they were eczema-free.

    Also, I imagine my eyesight passes the minimum requirements, despite wearing glasses. My major worry is my colour blindness. (Apparently, lol) I'm colourblind, I can't make out numbers on the Ishihara test. However, I've never gotten mixed up with my colours before, and one of the other tests will show that. Will I be given a different test on at the location of my medical or will it be off-site/on a different day?

    Just dropped out of college (second year), couldn't handle the droning about anymore, and was probably going to fail one of my lessons anyway. I'll be going down to the army recruitment office in a few weeks/couple of months, I need to work on my fitness in the mean time. (only reason I went to college is because I wasn't expecting my mam to give consent for the army, and was counting the months and weeks until I could enlist)

    Do you reckon it's worth trying to get a job, especially in this economic climate, for the months between now and (if all goes well) embarking? If I end up getting 1+ year deferral for my past history with eczema, I'll try and find one, since my mam could do with the money.

    Also, I'm still undecided on what role I'd like in the army. Infantry or CMT would be my first choices, but really it's the army life I'm looking for, not just infantry/CMT-life. How early into the app process do you decide on your route? Before or after the medical (which will give me an idea of what's available)?

    This looks like it's becoming a longer post than expected, so I'll cut it now.

    Cheers in advance for the answers.
  2. Medical stuff, dunno. If it's been a recurring problem in your adult years, but if it's an issue you from when you were a nipper then probably not a problem. You won't know til they check your doctor's notes over.

    As for getting a job, yes, do. Its a lengthy process at best, so get yourself something to tide you over in the meantime.

    As for your choices, search the army jobs site for some time and decide the kind of thing you'd be interested in based on your qualifications. The job you choose will obviously affect what you end up doing in the army and what you leave with, so make it count.
  3. From your post it seems you have the necessary commitment and qualify medically to drop into just about any job the Army has to offer.
    Why not pop into the recruiting office and tell them what you would like and when you will be available?
    Hope this helps.
  4. medical matters, use the search function. I think you'll find that all your questions have been asked, and answered, before.
  5. Medical, ask at the ACIO.

    Non-Med, get a job waiting times are quite long sometimes, and with your med problems COULD be added to. (see above for med problems).

    You don't seem to have the first clue about the Army's careers (no offence), go to the ACIO and ask. Read te t'interweb site and really ask yourself some deep meaningful questions.

    Don't go Inf just because you think that is a 'soldier', but also don't swerve it because others scorn it (ie lack of quals - which isn't that true anymore).

    Be honest about EVERYTHING, including why you jacked college.

    Re colour blindness, the tests will be the same, (providing you did proper tests first time around), depending on your level will limit jobs if not joinng at all.
  6. Thanks, but why do you say that? lol

    As for the input from chocolate_frog, from what I understand (I've done a bit of research on this as it's probably what will affect me the most, regarding the army), the Ishihara test just shows that you have some trouble with colour perception. There are other tests, such as one with various coloured bulbs, that are used to determine how severe it is (I can tell the difference between all colours in every day life, as I think I said in my post)

    Naturally, I expect roles like pilots, most/all engineering to be off limits to me, but I think most roles don't require perfect colour vision, one of them being infantry.

    Why do you say that I don't know anything about army careers? I admit that I don't know a lot, but I think I know an average amount for someone at my stage. I'm putting off going to the local recruitment office until my fitness is up to scratch, since I don't know the time differential between going down for the first time and doing your 1.5 mile run, etc. My buddy just joined the navy (well, he's past his medical and everything, gotten his webbing) and he did preliminary fitness a few weeks after going to the careers office for the first time. I don't want to be caught out.

    I'd still like to know the latest that you decide your role, though. I don't want to set my eyes on something and then find out when I go to the medical that I'm not eligible. Infantry, for example, I don't think requires perfect colour vision (camo apparently doesn't work on us), so that shouldn't be an issue, I'd just like to know in case.

    Anyway, cheers for the input so far. I've done a lot of reading about colour vision (and a little about my eczema case) but I'm getting a lot of differing opinions, and their circumstances are never the same. I'll ask the careers guys when I go down.
  7. And as I said my bubbley friend, no offence was intended. You need to read the glossys and the website, there are a number of jobs available in the Army and you may find one that you don't know about.

    Your Colour blindness will be reassessed regardless during the medical, and could restrict your career aspirations.

    I wouldn't put off going to the ACIO. They know you'll be unfit(ish), as long as you can fit through the door I doubt they'd have any problems. Due to the cutbacks and what not at present some waiting times can be long, even to the selection process, so delaying a visit to the ACIO is merely adding to the time you'll wait. Go in.

    The honest about everything is mainly to yourself (ie what would i really like to be) but also to the ACIO guys. If they ask why you jacked college (and they will) you need an honest answer.

    Its important to note that as of a year ago, you will be given a 'job offer', once in you wont be allowed to retrade. The days of swapping jobs in Phase 2 are gone. So don't think 'I'll give this one a go'.
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  8. Just been told that my mam isn't having me sitting around the house for the next couple of months while I work on my fitness, and that I've got to go down to the careers office next week.

    Will anything happen the first time I go down (such as the BARB test), or will it just be leaflets and whatnot?
  9. You'll just be given leaflets etc & given a time / date to turn up for an interview so that a recruiter can assess your suitability / motivation better.

    Personally I would have stuck with college & got the ball rolling on enlistment concurrent to your continuing education & physical fitness training as the recruitment process is quite lengthy for most job roles.
  10. RE colour blind- when I did medicals for Met police firearms officers it was an automatic fail.
  11. Cheers. Will this be the first of many interviews (people on arrse have had 3+ apparently), and is it a one I should dress up for? I don't have a suit but I do have some black trousers and white shirt (smart casual), will that cut the mustard?

    Will the tests and whatnot (BARB, english, numeracy) be carried out on the interview day?

    Will I be able to tell them that I'm working on my fitness and that I won't be able to do any of the fitness tests they have until a little later?
  12. I wouldn't bother dressing up, it's just an informal first interview so that the recruiter can get the measure of you.

    I don't recall the tests being done on the first interview (admittedly I can't recall the interview process in it's entirety).

    They won't send you to ADSC until you are ready in all aspects, though they will perhaps strongly suggest attending look at life courses, mock-ADSC days etc to keep your interest & allow them to assess your suitability better.
  13. Looks like my post either disappeared or I forgot to post it, don't really recall what I typed though.

    Will the mental tests (BARB) be carried out on the interview a couple of weeks after my initial visit? Will there be an interview that same day with a recruiter, and should I suit up, or will smartcasual cut the mustard (trousers and a long sleeved shirt)?

    Is this the first of many interviews, some on arrse have had 3+ apparently, and is it possible to retake the interview if I somehow fail it? (touch wood)
  14. Does your college or one near you, do a uniformed/public services course or a Army foundation course or similar?

    You can ask the recruiter for all the details f when tests are and the like... just don't, ffs, say you'll do the phys tests when you're ready!

    You can't 'retake' the initial interview, but it isn' that 'pass or fail'.
  15. Cheers for the reply.

    I know my college didn't (it was a 6th form, may be why), there'll probably be some in the area that do it.

    My pushups/situps are fine, and I'm working on my running (haven't began timing myself yet, I've gotten to the stage where my lung capacity or legs aren't holding me back). It's just my pullups that I'd fail, can't do a single one at the moment. Will have to go and get a pullup bar over the weekend.

    Should I ask when the physical tests will be when I go next week or during the interview, if he asks if I have questions? Also, will they ask me about a preferred role in the army during the initial interview?