Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by JoshMillss, Feb 23, 2008.

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  1. Would Varicocele affect application in the Army?
    I'm worried because I think I may be a sufferer :(
    It's not a major problem as I'm only 15 etc
    But any help would be appreciated!
  2. Wouldn't think it would affect your application in the Army, but it would probably affect your performance...
  3. Lmao...Aslong as it dosen't affect my fitness,Which it dosen't I'm fine.Also as I said...I'm 15..I know it works rofl
  4. It might not appear to be having any effect on ..err.. performance but you might now be (and probably in the future will be) well let's just say you will be shooting blanks. It tends to lead to sterility. (However, I would not consider the condition an adequate substitute for birth control measures)

    My son had the condition, discovered when he was about your age, corrected surgically with no problems or complications.

    I myself had hydrocele, a different but somewhat similar condition. Discovered by a USN Dr. when I was in my 40's. Surgery, done with spinal anaesthetic, went well. No significant complications, the dull ache is gone and everything works as it should.

    same as I told my kid.
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  5. I am in agreement with the get it fixed approach. It may not be a major problem now but with age and gravity it will only get worse. Visit your G.P. explain the situation and get it sorted. You will be left with a scar ( which you can make stories about its origins i.e. shark bite, elephant tusk puncture etc etc ) and no future problems. As for the issues of decreased sterility do not believe it!
  6. no but smokeing crack and marijana might. :p
  7. Thanks for the help,Gonna get on the blower to my GP on Monday :)

    And Kurt...Dont spam you ignorant cnut.
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  8. Had it since I was your age, now just about to complete my 22, never really affected me, other than the odd achy nad!!
  9. Oh right PHEW
    Thought it was serious
    Did you go to the doctors?
  10. Was detected on my medical when I joined up, doctor just said you might want to have them removed (the veins) if you find it uncomfortable or if you find it getting painful it might be get worse, but mine has remained the same, occasionally it gets achy, but nothing the mrs cant sort out! :D
  11. You've really put my mind at rest,Thanks so much :):):):)
  12. hi did you manage to get in with a varicocele
  13. Drivers_lag

    Drivers_lag On ROPs

    He'll be retired now, you ******* throbber.


    Or perhaps not... it's actually terminal, unfortunately.
  14. Cough.

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  15. I wound up being excused stupidly long parades due to my old man bollocks.

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