Variable Engagement

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Howayman, Oct 17, 2005.

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  1. Does anyone have any further details of the new Variable Engagement other than the following:

    Starts in 2008
    DE's will sign for a 9 yr contract which will be extnded at the 12, 15, 17yr points upto 35yrs service
    Promotion will be slowed as a result (RAF stylee)
  2. You could try the RHQ Forum.
  3. In response to CR's archeology request.

    Apparently the Corps cannot opt out of VEng (as was claimed by MCM Div recently).

    This will now come on line in 2008. Soldiers nearing the end of their 22 years (around 20 year point) will be sent a letter asking if they wish to be considered for Veng.

    Applicants will then be boarded and their service extended for a further 6 years. Near the end of that chunk, they will then be boarded again etc, etc.

    The ramifications are that Sgt/SSgt/WO2 are the prime candidates for the near future, to form a plug, while the rest of us catch up.

    No-one has yet articulated what is going to happen to promotion times but they will slow down, and all new applicants will join VEng from 2008. The days of getting your Cpl stripes within 3 years are numbered. What happens to your pension is also up for debate. VEng is coming...
  4. Permission to form a plug sir?
  5. What? A Butt Plug? How Gauche!!
  6. Yes Veng is coming to the Corps.

    The detail is still being staffed by SO2 HR and a PD will be circulated once this process is complete. The initial paper will hit the relevent desks before Christmas.
  7. Yeah, Christmas 2010! :lol:
  8. Some details from SO2 HR at HQ D INT CORPS.

    It will be introduced for new recruits on 1 Jan 08. The Corps will have transitional arrangements (Career Continuance) until the introduction of the full package to allow us to extend a number of individuals. The details of Career Continuance are being staffed at desk level currently.

    Veng will be briefed to the Warrant Officers' convention and the Policy Document (PD) will follow. There will also be information on the Career Continuance and Veng in Cognitio 77 and on the Intranet site (With a FAQ part). A HR roadshow will go out to major units in 2007.
  9. Once boarded for Veng, what are the restrictions (handcuffs?) that will apply? Can we still be considered for promotion? Will we still be deployed? Can we cahnge our minds?

    Lots of questions, but I have Pt 2 of my CR on Friday and want to have some ideas before I go in.

  10. Spook,

    Terms of service remain the same in respect of notice to quit etc. You would be offered, if accepted for Career Continuance or Veng, a set contract to serve on - currently we are looking at a six year initial contract (this is still being staffed but shorter terms do not make sense) - followed potentially by further contracts up to retirement age.

    There will be the opportunity to promote (If you are good enough). You would deploy.

  11. completely guessing, but i would think the answers are:

    1. of course, but your promotion will slow down to the level of the RAF.

    2. ha ha ha ha ha nice one.

    3. i very much doubt it.
  12. ooh simultaneous posting ma'am. you do know i'm married now...?

    and i was sooooo close with those guesses. :)
  13. Bet Mrs CR didn't help with the answers :D
  14. Well thats made my mind up - bollocks to that then
  15. The variable engagement - a career until 55. Yet CR still won't make WO2!