Variable Engagement - Good for the Corps?

Discussion in 'RLC' started by hoodie, Nov 26, 2006.

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  1. Not being at a major RLC unit, I've heard very little about how the Corps will engage with VENG. I guess there are Pros and Cons - But more of which, i'm not sure.
    I'm not aware that any questionaire or survey for opinion has come from DRLC, or have I missed it?
    What's the overall opinion out there RLC? :?
  2. Hoodie,

    Are you DRLC?

    The Variable Engagement will invariably be largely capitalised upon by Mothers of young children, who would otherwise leave the Service or arrange full-time child-care. A very good idea in principle; but one that could, in the short term, reduce the pool from which we populate our operational commitments.

    I am not being negative. This is a good idea as it may preserve/create the conditions for some quality females to remain in the Service beyond the infancy of their children/child.

    This could be managed well - in concert with shoe-horning the malingerers out of comfortable corners and into the LAND Army wherin they will at last play their part and deploy...or get booted out.
  3. I was thinking more along the lines of VENG being instated for various CEGS and thus enhancing ones committed date up from 22 years in increments, dependent on CEG. I believe it will allow an extension to 27 and 35 years depending (like the RAF and RN do with WO). This has massive implications for our JNCOs and recruits joining the RLC now.
    I'm intrigued to know what the lowest rank will be that's offered VENG, Sgt - Cpl?
  4. VEng, not an excuse for single mums to do flexi time but the new way our careers are going. No questionairre as it will be up to the system whether they want you to do extra couple of years then you decide if you want to.

    Comes in at begining of 08 apparently. 1st phase is for 12 years then if you satisfy the criteria you get offered another 12 years, meaning you serve 24 instead of 22 years. If suitable you could then be offered further short extensions to service. What is currently known as Long Service or NRPS.

    AGC already offered out deals to those it wants to take up new option. RLC yet to commit, title gives it away Reallt Large Corps, as more to consider. Rumours range from next week to May 07 for announcement. Main worry for those who leave around summer 08 is how will offer affect them, the rest will crack on.

    There's a few DIN's out there on the subject if you can access them or failing that spk to Admin office or big helpful chap in Deepcut. You'll find him in the phonebook under CRSM!!
  5. Latest rumour is that VEng will be offered to all those serving in RLC as at 01 Jan 08. Any truth in it and as a crusty old git would that mean new posting or remain in post?

  6. Gents/Ladies,

    Its “Versatile Engagement” (VENG).
  7. Gentlemen/Ladies,

    Versatile Engagement (VEng) according to MOD Website.

    Gents are a toilet. 8O
  8. Sorry, big red/big purple
  9. I couldn't handle another 15 years on top with the scrotes we've got coming in now. The Army has changed massively in the last ten years, what's it going to be like in another ten.

    Strima, crusty old barsteward!!!!
  10. If you are RLC and due out before 1 Jan 10, VEng is not going to be offered to you. The transition from current TACOS to VEng is still being worked out. But to sustain promotion, the old and bold will not simply stag on blocking up the ranks. Some, a very few, will offered service beyond 24 yrs. But don't hold your breath.
  11. Has anyone actually received a brief on this subject or is it all supposition from the very vague information released about 6 months ago?

    I've heard various rumours however, the best ones include "you will be offered 2 years but if you decline then they will call you off from your reserve liability!" Now that's a quality rumour and one which should get a good spectrum of reactions ranging from, "oh good", to desks being kicked to tiny splinters.
  12. Happy days must have been a typo from MCM Div that said 01 Jan 08 then. still not holding my breath though!!
  13. You will be identified on your 14 year FCR if you are a candidate for VEng
  14. My comment related to people in their final 2 yrs of service ROD 1 Jan 08 - 1 Jan 10. They will not be offered the 24 yr Stage 2 VEng in order to ensure that the promotion system did not stop completely. Almost all others will be offered the 24 yr Stage 2 VEng.
  15. Having had the opportunity to chat to the 'Big Fella' regarding this, all is not as it may have initially seemed. There are certain dates and options still being discussed but I personally see it as a major step forward.

    No other major company in its right mind would get rid of its top boys and girls at the height of their knowledge and capabilities. Civvi street are beginning to wise up to the potential of soldiers as problem solvers and solution makers.

    The army needs to look at how its does its business in a much smarter way. Officers have being looking after themselves for years and doing a roaring trade in careers to 55. It about time the real workers were offered similar career patterns.

    Whilst I admire this pragmatic approach to making the Army a truly lifelong career it will not be for all. There will be some pain for all when promotion ladders and speed of promotion change but as ever if you are good enough you will still achieve all you want.

    For those who also think that subjects like this require questionnaire's, get a grip. The Army is not a democracy!!!

    Anyway, as the 'Big Fella' said, 'Resistance is futile, you will be assimilated'!!!