Vari - effing - focals

Discussion in 'Old & Bold' started by dogs_bollox, Dec 16, 2010.

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  1. Well, at the grand old age of 47, I've been suffering headaches and having trouble reading books and letching at porn' on my computer.

    So, I took myself off to the opticians and my eyes are 'changing'. Long story short - I'm now £500 lighter and waiting on a pair of vari-focals.

    They seem to be like Marmite - some love 'em and some hate' em - but then I've only asked three people so far !

    Interested in whether any of the Old & Bold have any experience of them. Are my porn days over ? Will i be so close to my screen that I'll need to put a waterproof cover on it ?

  2. I've been told that I need them, too. But there's a dilemma. Sometimes I need to focus closely on stuff that's above me. When I told the optician this, he said "No problem, we can make them with the reading part at the top." But then I'd have a problem focussing on stuff that's below me...

    His response was a suggestion that I get two pairs of varifocals, one with the reading part at the top, the other with it at the bottom.

    Now, am I being stupid here, or wouldn't it be cheaper to have two pairs of ordinary specs, one for reading and the other for long distance? It seemed to work in the days before varifocals...

    Alternatively, couldn't I have long distance contacts and a pair of reading glasses that work with them for close focus?
  3. If you are mad keen to have good eyesight whilst using a computer screen,

    get a set of cheap specs for the specific distance head-to screen.

    We got them free in our Secret Spy Base, but they shouldn't cost much
  4. Agree'd, thats the way to do it, I have been wearing specs for distance viewing since I was a kid, and now in my advancing years I find that my prescription is changing, I've been down the vari-focal route and found them to be more trouble than they are worth, but thats only my opinion.
    I had a set made specifically to use on my PC, I measured the distance from head to screen and when I went into the opticians he did the setting up and they produced a set free for me, not the best looking frames in the world, but I only use them at my desk. And they are easy to wipe clean ;-)
  5. Should've gone to Specsavers mate. I have had them for two years, still take the ******* things off to read books, but love 'em for quick change from 'puter screen to paper on desk.

    They do not interfere with porn.

    Edited becausee I couldn't see I missed a word out.
  6. Many, many years ago, when I was a kid and before the Beatles went psychedelic, I was playing pirates with a ventilated eye patch and noticed that when I looked through the holes, I could see perfectly. I thought, "When I grow up, I'll make some specs with lots of tiny holes and make a fortune." But some sod beat me to it.

    If you're only looking at a computer screen, pinhole glasses could be an effective and cheap solution. They'd be dodgy if you're walking about as they cut down on the amount of light available and I wouldn't believe claims that they train the eye to improve (refer to The truth about pinhole glasses - Health News, Health & Families - The Independent ), but I know that the principle works. I haven't bought any yet, but I may give it a go. Given that you can get a pair for less than a quid (plus £3.29 p+p), it's got to be worth a try.

    If you don't believe that it can work, get a bit of dark coloured card, push a map pin through it and look through the hole without your glasses. Then try the same but with lots of holes.
  7. Had a pair last year, gone back to the good old bi-focals. Found the varis to be an absolute bloody nightmare. The focus area is very small and very strangely shaped and ended getting a sore neck as I was constantly having to move my head around to bring stuff into focus. Head back to read, slightly left for the left of the page etc. They also cause blurring at your periphery and around the focus change boundary which is (according to the specsavers bloke) quite normal. "you'll get used to it"..Oh no I bloody won't. Bifocals (from Boots opticians) are the mutts. I never notice the obvious join in the lense, look down, nice focus for reading and no head movement. Look up and the computer screen is perfectly focused. The optician took a measurement on distance to screen as mentioned above and the upper lenses have a very slight prescription to bring it into focus. £200 with a 2nd matching pair free. No complaints, no headaches and I can see again. Hope this helps
  8. I´m also 47 and two months ago became a "speccy twat" for the first time. Basically, I was having to hold books/menus etc further and further away until my arms weren´t long enough. I went to the supermarket for a test and came away with a pair of 3 euro +1 reading glasses. Why would you spend 500 quid on this? For porn, I now use braille, assisted by my wife.
  9. Do her areola spell out a word? [​IMG]
  10. I have worn varifocals for over 10 years now,and get on great.

    The suggestion to get some fixed focus for the computer is a good one,it's what I did.

    As for the suggestion that the focus area is very small,thats what happens if you want to wear "fashionable" frames.

    When I got my first pair,I insisted on an 'Aviator'style frame,and I still wear the same type of frame,loads of glass to play around with,massive transition area,the mutts.

    Wouldn't touch S**cS****s with a bargepole,used to go there all the time,until I went to another opticians,who tried to test my eyes with the prescription I got from S**cS****s,and asked me how I survived.

    Being over 60 I get a free test every 2 years,I go to the best private opticians I can find,have the test,get the prescription,and go to my local Tesco optician,and get them to make the prescription up,saving about £300,simples.

    I also have a pair of single prescription for very close work,cost about £30 tops. 8)
  11. Thats what I tried to tell them when I first went to the Doctor,it's not my eyes,it's just that my arms have bloody shrunk! ;-)
  12. oldbaldy

    oldbaldy LE Moderator Good Egg (charities)
    1. Battlefield Tours

    I've worn varis for over 10 years.
    Needed a pair for reading & 'puter then another pair for driving.
    Varis made me lazy & just use them all the time whether I need them or not.
    Mind you I still have to take them off & on when hill walking in driving rain & trying to read a bloody map!
  13. **** me, my eyes are worse than I thought, all I can see is a small red X

  14. twat, my varis have just fallen onto the keyboard, but neither are broken thankfully - but civil servants are now peering into my office wondering what I guffawed at.
  15. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    I wear contacts. When the reading end of the spectrum started to go, they recommended I try wearing a reading lens in my left eye and a distance lens in my right eye. It actually worked remarkably well: whatever the input, the brain puts the two signals together and derives a clear image. They were also continuous wear: pop them in on first-day-of-month; take them out and sling them last-day-of-month(ish). Perfect. It was like the long forgotten days before I became known as Joe 90 in the early 60s. First time I went to sleep in them, I marvelled at the minutes ticking over on the digital alarm clock and couldn't sleep cos the lenses, coupled with Recce eyes that see in the dark, had found a new world.

    At least it did ... until the reading end continued to worsen further.

    (btw Zero Alpha tried the same system and didn't get on. As a previous poster puts it, Marmite.)

    So I got a pair of reading glasses that correct my contact lenses (to go with the reading glasses that I call naked, for when I having nothing on the eyeball). I also got a pair of sunglasses that corrected the reading lens for when I am driving in sunlight. Vision like a sh!thawk.

    Then after a couple of years the eyes grew intolerant of lenses in the eyes 24/7/4 and I had to change to daily disposable lenses, still with a reader in the left and a distance in the right. But now I have five pairs of glasses to carry about. I have to wear readers at the screen to type this anyway so next time I visit, I'll render both pairs of glasses for wear with lenses redundant. At least I'll still have the naked readers and sunglasses for when the lenses are out and I'll be able to buy off-the-shelf readers and sunglasses to wear with lenses in.

    Do I want varifocals? I probably need them, but like the OP I'll need to be able to work up close out of both the top and the bottom.

    Fed up of nearly 50 years'worth of glasses. but I have only ever had one pair of eyeballs, Mark 1 and bollix to getting them lasered, especially while my vision is in such flux.