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It was stolen by 'them'


It's been quarantined for the time being. I'm uneasy about ripping into someone in such a personal way who doesn't actually seem to have been doing a lot of military Walting in public. The outrage bus is all too easy to jump aboard but if Arrse nailed everybody who'd bragged down the pub that he was in the SAS, we'd never discuss anything else.

I am open to persuasion however.


OK, add him as a friend to facebook and ask him a few questions. Imply that you are 'in them' and he might open up.

Another poster has already confirmed that they know this individual who lives in a fantasy world and I can confirm that he has treated patients having managed to obtain employment as a Paramedic despite not being one.

Also, see the newspaper stories about his various fantasy lives.

Your decision mate, I have more important things to do than persuade anyone that a particular walt is dangerous. I believe he is and having met him and grassed him up, I feel he should be outed. This is more than just a fantasy, he is living out his fantasies and putting people at risk.

All the best.
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