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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by slingshot, Nov 9, 2006.

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  1. I belive they are part of the Wyvern group, not bad equipment, about the same quality as HM Supplies, but be careful of the price on Ebay it could be a copy.....
  2. Theyr'e a small company based on the isle of wight who make various kit. Got a couple of minimi pouches of theirs and theyr'e good quality.
  3. 'Vanguard Webbing' - a brief history

    Wyvern webbing sysyems was started by a guy back in 1991, who at the time was serving with his local TA unit [Wessex]. So hacked off was he with the issue 349 pouch that he designed a chest rig to carry it, along with the usual chest rig features etc etc. Local demand was so high he started making them commercially, giving them the brand name 'Wyvern' after the regimental motif which was about to dissappear at that time.

    More products followed and in 1997 the company Vanguard was formed, selling [to the trade, and procurement agents] all sorts of other little thingies that you squaddie type people like, for instance 'cats eyes', pacecounters etc. Vanguard now sell a large range of practical, high quality items from smocks to knives to trade badges to survival and model kits, in addition to the established Wyvern webbing range.

    Right, back to the webbing, some people are confused between the Wyvern/Vanguard names, to this end, over the coming months the Wyvern brand name will be phased out and everything re-branded Vanguard.
    All the webbing products are, as has been pointed out correctly in other posts, manufactured in Great Britain, using only MOD approved components, a statement that WILL stand up to scrutiny. Thier most popular item historically has been the All-arms Load carrying vest, a design that has been copied almost as many times as Elvis Presley's hairstyle! You can see all the items Vanguard produce/stock at

    How do I know all this???
    I am the guy who was serving in that TA unit that got p####d off with the issue 349 pouch!!!

    ps we do not have a retail site, but fully support our trade customers, who can be found on the links page of the web-site.
  4. PLease keep the name Wyvern!! the old Wessex lads remember it well.

    Thanks, brought lots of your kit over the years, never been let down.

    Regards Cardinal
  5. Hello Cardinal

    The Wyvern name will, in fact live on, in a reduced role. We are keeping our day-sacks named the Wyvern '30 etc.

    Thank you for your kind words, keep spreading the word!

  6. I don't sell copies. :D
    Hello In-The-Van keep up the good work.
  7. To all the guys that have p-m,nd me, I have not forgotten you, be patient and I will reply to all of you asap.

  8. Just to echo the words of many above - the Wyvern kit I've come across previously has been of very good quality - putting the likes of Webtex/Thatchreed - and, sometimes, Arktis - to shame!

    Keep up the good work - and don't go loosing the Wyvern brand name!
  9. In-the-van,
    Theres a piccie of some sort of belt kit on your website, is this the one that dragon supplies sell, if so do you make it for them.? and how much?
  10. Hello Thedobo

    The item on our web-site I think you are referring to is the 'All-Arms' belt order, no this is not the one you have seen elsewhere, this is one of my own designs, made by us, and consists of, in simple terms;

    A triple utility pouch sown onto an oversized hippo pad, with the capacity to attach whichever extra pouches YOU want to the flanks [will take PLCE, molle, vanguard etc].
    In addition it will accomodate our drop-leg pouches, a bayonet a good old-fashioned poncho roll and most available yokes.
    If still interested contact any of the stockists from the links page at;

  11. In-the-Van

    check your pm's
  12. whats the main difference between the All arms vest and the issuue PLCE assault vest? Both look similar! Anyone know? Thanks