Vanessa Redgrave Told

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Mr_Fingerz, Aug 31, 2011.

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  1. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

  2. I can't stand the woman. Whenever there is a suitable "cause" in the news, she is not far away. Tell you what Vanessa, if you love the travellers so much, how about allowing them to set up camp in your backyard?
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  3. I think you'll find the correct term is thieving pikey bastards.

    Travellers infer that they travel; 51 families have been living illegally for 10 years in the same place so therefore are not travellers, by definition.

    Anyway lets get on and ethnically cleanse these dregs
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  4. ******* woman. I heard her give a 'heart rending' spiel on the wireless - give her a bloody Oscar morelike. My heart pumps purple piss. She should be locked in a Libyan warehouse with that other waste of rations Ms Joanna Fuckinglumley. Meddling twats.
  5. She may well have won a few Gold medals in rowing, but that gives her no rights to try and defend those pikey *****.
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  6. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Just what I was thinking listening to the radio this morning. Buy a field next to your gaff, Vanessa. Dig some holes in the ground for them to shit into and the jobs jobbed. Plus you'll be sorted for tarmacing and lucky clothes pegs.
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  7. You git. :biggrin:
  8. How the feck can they be homeless? They're supposed to be Travellers so let the feckers travel.

    They made the choice to have the sky as their blanket so let the thieving Pikey cnuts snuggle up underneath it.
  9. Dib's on her daughter, the still kicking one not the lying in a box rotting one!
  10. Loved this bit in the report:

    Well no you didn't do everything by the book. You failed to obtain planning permission like everyone else would have to get.
  11. What is it with these celebrities, do they honestly think anyone gives a **** what they think or say?

    The Gandolfs, Bonos, Redgraves & Lumleys of this world should climb down from their ivory towers and live amongst the shit they expect everyone else to do.
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  12. Basildon council's already put an order in for 500 bottles of this stuff:

  13. Basildon council's rushing through a planning application to erect signage around the site.

  14. What we need is a network of traveller sites, entry and occupation includes the agreement to a number of rules ie no pikey behaviour, no selling lucky heather or ripping old ladies off for 'surpluse tarmac' drives.

    Other rules would include counts on number of bodies and encampments and agreements that each 'commune' would set up a system of governing how long people could stay.

    Should there be a kick off on site, then the offenders could be removed, or in extreme circumstances the whole site could be evicted, the site quarantined for a period and then reopend.

    Sites would have ablution blocks and what not... basically a big camp site, and maybe a 'barn' for use as a communal area.

    Any permenant dwellings else where could then be moved on that little bit quicker.

    Other sites could be designated as 'overnight stops'.

    They are, as someone said, travellers... If they want to stay somewhere longer, they can buy a house, or apply for plannng permission like EVERYBODY else. You don't see this who har when someone has to tear down an extention or similar that wasn't applied for/up to spec.

    I've got no dramas with travelling way of life, it is quite appealing in many ways, but not the criminal and anti-social element that cohabits with it.
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  15. I seem to remember one such site. Wasn't long before the toilet blocks had been robbed of all the pipework.
    Isn't there another site somewhere, opened at no small cost, that has never been occupied?