Vanessa Redgrave helps Guantanamo suspects

Is it just me or does this bloke look like Pai Mia from Kill Bill?


The womens insanity, in my eyes at least, was confirmed when on Question Time she was arguing over something about Bill Clinton for 10 minutes or so. Only thing is she spent those ten minutes calling him Abraham Lincoln.

Removed from the Socialist workers party due to her and her brothers extreme views. Which is quite an achievement.

Cant quite imagine why someone so enthralled by the Islamic World chooses not to live there....

I'd like to murder her.
Mr_Deputy said:
Blimey she's let herself go a bit hasn't she?

I would have buggered her mouth a while back but now she looks like one of the puppets from Team America.

Durka! Durka! Vanessa!
I wouldn't even do her with yours!
Bagwell said:
I'd like to murder her.
I'd sooner see the bitch spread all over the countryside as a result of one of her 'brother's' IED's

But for purpose of troop moral, seeing her head hacked off with a bread knife on Al Jezra TV by one of her down trodden Muslim militants would suffice :twisted:
It would be extremely interesting not to mention enjoyable to prize open her brain and examine just what makes her tick. It is an odd manifestation in our society this extreme self loathing and willingness to champion the causes of those who would have your head off in an instant.
Mr_Deputy said:
Blimey she's let herself go a bit hasn't she?

I would have buggered her mouth a while back but now she looks like one of the puppets from Team America.

Durka! Durka! Vanessa!
You have to admit she's got a point this time.

Especially at this time of year, it's outrageous for the Americans to have locked up this man in Guantanamo Bay. He may have entered their airspace last year without a flight plan and in an unusual aircraft. He may have landed without a visa. But these are no excuses for the American response.

I, for one, salute Ms Redgrave for rescuing Santa in time for Christmas.
Expect nothing from Vannesa Redgroove, except her propensity for going against everything and everybody who has been paying her wages for the past god knows how many years, the silly born bitch needs fcucking with the wide end of a ragmans bugle. Cant imaging her Dad being to proud of her either.

Thompson!..........Burra Brandy Soda....and a Monte Christo please...thank you.
Doesn't she have links to some suspected Chechen terrorists also?

If I was Ms.Redgrave, I would avoid sushi for the duration.
If these men are so dangerous, why did the magistrate bail them?

Why didn't Crown lawyers oppose bail, vigorously, backed with evidence, presented to the magistrate in confidence, if necessary, to protect security service sources, and, having done that, if the magistrate went mad and granted bail, why didn't the Crown submit an immediate appeal the Crown Court?

Edward Fitzgerald, defending, said there was "not a shred of evidence" against Mr el-Banna.
I see. :lol: x 100

In those circumstances I think Ms Redgrave has done rather well. I don't see what all the fuss is about. Why should her mouth be "buggered" (Mr_Deputy)? Why should she be "murdered" (Osama bin Bagwell)?

These poor men have been banged up without trial for five years, tortured, vilified without right of reply, denied their rights under UN protocols, conventions and covenants, and now British Crown lawyers can produce so little evidence against them in open court they're immediately bailed by a Westminster magistrate who, presumably, is not a dangerous Trotskyite seeking to use this case to gnaw at the very foundations of the British state.

In fact, the only people I see doing anything ethically suspect or, indeed, unhinged or illegal, are Osama bin Bagwell and friends expressing strange desires on a public bulletin board to "murder" Ms Redgrave or to “bugger” her mouth.

Are you OK Bagwell old chum? If you're arrested for your threat against Ms Redgrave would you like me to help arrange bail? I could even email La Redgrave on your behalf…
Why the hell have they been brought here? Lybia and Algeria have no more space? Or is it that Lybia and Algeria aren't very good at giving out free money, free houses, free cars and a sympathetic ear to any extremist bullsh*t these people say? (Hell, I'd be pi55ed off after 5 years in 'Camp Freedom')
Trust A_M to see the best side of people...

Personally, I wouldn't be astounded to hear that Mizz Redgrave has a bonny relationship with Mizz Pierce. That'd be a sight to avoid, mind.

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