Vanessa Paradis Joe le Taxi Azzuro 1988 - Enjoy!

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Steven_McLaughlin, Nov 13, 2009.

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  1. I'm not sure if this is the right forum to post this in - or indeed even if there is a right forum! Anyway, I reckon that some of you old over 35s on here - like me, unfortunately - might enjoy this blast from our now-vanished childhoods.

    It's a YouTube clip of the incomparable Vanessa Paradis, performing her classic hit 'Joe le Taxi' on on Italian TV show in 1988. I just think it's one of those wonderful little songs that makes you stop what you're doing and say 'Where did all the years go?'

    Imagine if you'd just come in off a patrol down the Falls Road or through Crossmaglen in 1988, then you get back into base and dump your kit on your bunk and this comes on the radio. Hopefully it helped you to relax and reminded you that you were still young, and there was still a world outside of the army and NI.

    She ended up marrying Jonny Depp in the end so I guess she did alright for herself. But to me, this is how I'll always remember her.
  2. Over 35s?!?! I remember it well, and I'm not that old!!

    I still would ;)
  3. I guess he did alright for himself!
  4. God wasn't she wonderful? Imagine how proud her kids must be of her; she's got a great little slapdown for when they're misbehaving and accusing her of being a 'miserable old git'. Imagine being able to pull this one out of the hat: 'Who, me? You think so? I was once young too you know - and a damn sight more 'with it' than you, ungrateful brat! Check this out - that's your 'old' mum up there!'

    Anyway, just a brilliant little song that will never date.
  5. Dirty French trollop. How dare she marry Jonny Depp. She should be under my desk fallating me as I type.
  6. And I'd still do it now, if she asked nicely :D

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