Vanessa George

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by HARDMAN476, Jun 12, 2009.

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  1. ....since the sun, mirror, star have skipped to the penalty fase and will pob be calling for some sort of ban this etc

    what do all you think of this fat oath.......discuss
  2. I assume that the theme of this symposium is "Would you?"
  3. well its any opinion you have of this pie eating oath possberly kiddie fiddler
  4. Vanessa George seems to be some kind of hard-core pedo
    In fact you could say, she was in a class of her own.
  5. You know the rules then?
  6. She needs to be skinned and thrown in a swimming pool full of vinegar
  7. Can't we wait to see if she's guilty first :?
  8. Fcuk off, pinko.
  9. Its from Plymouth. I think if we hang about on this thread long enough we,ll probally find some fecker who has !!

  10. it has two teenage girls....prob started with them put on a strap on fucked them doggy....what a peice of shite
  11. Oh, right. Well, regardless, she probably wouldn't do me. Then again, I'm not a toddler.
  12. there are number of calls in the daily rags calling for having no trials and stright to sentace ie lycing or being burnt alive or both!!
  13. :? Ah, old friend Phil Hardmong resurfaces complete with the semi-illiterate (but variable) style of writing. Something very unsavoury to the majority of people has re-animated him............... :?

    Hi Phil - nice to hear from you again. How's dear Tracie these days? Did the lynch mob take your good ole Uncle Cleatus down and burn him alive yet for his alleged kiddie fiddling?


  14. i've been bending her over and shaging her arse for an hour so........then a cracking a blow job
  15. No boobs, no clack-shots? Very strange!